Stillness Requires a Heart Willing to Respond

Many of us struggle with deciphering what God is speaking to our hearts. We are often hoping for confirmation before we move ahead, and it almost always takes a period of waiting.

In my life, over the last year, God has been speaking, “Get your home in order.” And I don’t mean metaphorically. Now, it’s not that my house was a huge mess, but I definitely wouldn’t have wanted you going into my closets and drawers.

The issue was that this mess was always on my mind, keeping me from being able to focus on other matters. It really bothered me that toys weren’t in the proper places. It made it twice as difficult to entertain for dinner parties and fun activities I thoroughly enjoy. This literal mess in my home was slowing me down. I would sit in the morning to study my Bible and the chaos weighed on me. My focus wasn’t on what it needed to be.

Now, I know some of you might think it’s only common sense that told me to do what needed to be done in order to take back some peace and sanity in life, but I’ve learned through my years of serving God that I can easily shake off unimportant details. However, when God speaks, I can’t stop thinking about it. Conviction pours, and the feeling is much different than agitation from stepping on a Lego or not being able to find a particular dress I want to wear.

God has plans for us and in order to walk freely in His will according to the story He has written, we need to respond to what He is speaking to our hearts.

The example I’m giving you today might seem small, but I started in a full time seminary program this fall and had I not responded to what seemed like a tiny command, then I wouldn’t have time to study, attend lectures, or read the overwhelming amount of text assigned.

At the time I felt Him first speak, I had no idea I would be attending school. But He knew.

Friend, to be still in God means responding to the big and little in life. And truthfully, nothing He asks is little because He sees everything within a much larger scheme. He can see the whole picture because He’s the artist. The Beauty is that we get to behold His work, one brushstroke at a time, just by living our lives in response to His call.

If you’ve had something on your mind that you cannot seem to shake, pray about responding. Sometimes, taking slow steps is better than doing nothing at all.

Oh, and If I’m being honest, I haven’t made it to my bedroom closet yet. Can you pray for a sister? It’s next on the list.



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