Two Valid Points about Our gifts...Our timing often stands in the way of a still life. We’re usually desperate for what we lay at the throne of Christ, and we can be our own worst enemies in thinking that our way is the best way.

I remember being so desperate for a baby that I thought my life would fall to pieces if the pregnancy test read negative. It was disheartening as months turned into years and I felt stuck in the very same position where I started. But that wasn’t really the case at all, it’s just how I was choosing to see it.

In the middle of the deep and dark, God was working like a surgeon inside my heart and at the same time He was strengthening my foundation. I was becoming more rock solid in my spiritual life than I ever imagined. It was a process.

We are all in process.

There is a stirring that takes place in each one of us, and it eventually leads to a convergence of all we were born to become. It’s like a connection of puzzle pieces signifying all the difficulties we’ve faced, and then fitting them together with the beauty of Christ in our lives.

Our progression through brokenness is like a rite of passage. Through it, we gain experience that shapes us into who Christ knows we can become.

Jesus didn’t stand on the shore of Galilee and see Peter as merely a fisherman, He saw him as a fisher of men. He knew that Peter had a lot to endure and that his road wasn’t going to be easy. Jesus didn’t walk past him on that beach even though He knew Peter would eventually deny Him. Instead, He looked at what that process in Peter’s life would shape him into, and He chose to see that Peter – the one who would win souls and die for His Lord while building the kingdom.

Our God is a God of resurrection. He can take the worst of our lives and turn it into the best. He breathes life. This is why we have hope. And, friend, this is why it’s possible to live a still life.

We can find peace in the hope we have in a God who takes our worst and turns it to His best. We can move in stillness because we have a God who answers prayers and makes the crooked ways straight.

However, It’s in His timing.

Take it from someone who knows… trust His timing and let go of yours.



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