Everyday life situations and hardships turn into our stories. And when God writes our stories, he has the unique ability to turn those stories, even the darkest chapters, into dreams. He redefines grace in our lives and gives us new opportunities to share His extraordinary love and hope with others. It was in my most difficult days that the Lord showed me that all my heartache and suffering would not be for nothing.

AGOD Speaking GraphicI have a heart for women. Every piece of me longs and loves to share ALL my struggles. I share on topics such as grief through miscarriage and secondary infertility, all the way to middle age madness! If you want a speaker who will take you into the the pages of the Bible all the while uncovering the silly spaces of the heart as well as the deep places of the soul, then I’m the speaker for you!  My goal is to inspire other women to find light in the darkest of situations and find joy wherever they are!

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Here is what others are saying:

“I was truly blessed when I got to hear Jennifer Kostick speak at Charter Oak Church Mops 2014 retreat. It was empowering to hear how she turned her trials into victory in her life in every sense. The way that Jesus shines through Jennifer not only in her speaking, but also in her life, is such an inspiration. When I think of Jennifer making her “test into her testimony”, it strengthens my resolve to reach out to the Lord in my trials so that I can learn how to let Him shine brighter in my life. I hope to hear her speak again in the future for sure!” – Ashley Grzelewski (Charter Oak Church Mops Retreat Coordinator.)


Thanks so much for sharing with our MOPS group. Your story is so meaningful and close to home for all of us moms. Your example of keeping faith when in your situation it would have been easy to lose is a true testament to us all. The handout you made for us is beautiful and a great visual reminder to be brave in whatever we might be facing. Thanks again!” – Erin Homer (Allison Park Church Mops Coordinator.)

“It was an honor having Jennifer speak at our spring social. Her unwavering faith showed God will answer prayers. She showed how women can take off their layers, and how we should be like iron sharpening iron. She demonstrated never to give up hope and that Jesus knows what he is doing even though it’s not in our timing. God is still working even though we are in our darkest hour.” Jaeanne Mikitko (Allegheny Region Church of God Women’s Ministry Director)



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I speak most on the topics of…

  1. My story (Nothing to Hold but Hope) – My personal testimony through fifteen years of miscarriage, stillbirth, and secondary infertility.
  2. Mercy Waits (My FREE eBook) – What mercy means in the life of a woman.
  3. How to turn your test into your testimony – Discover new gifts through the difficult situations in your life and allow new dreams to flourish.
  4. Middle age madness and the Christian woman’s perspective – The ever-changing life and body (eek) of a woman.
  5. Why YOU are beautiful – What God has done in you that can change how you see yourself and allow you to experience freedom while gazing into that big piece of glass every morning!

To watch Jennifer on Real Life, fast forward and you can see Jen sharing at this time frame 33:07 to 42:36