Kingdom Building is not About Popularity, It’s About Humility…

Kingdom building is not about popularity, it’s about humility.

For days I’ve debated as to whether I should write this post, but sometimes a subject matter weighs so heavy that one cannot escape the burden.  So here’s what’s on my mind:

I’ve been writing my blog since September 19, 2012. That means in six short months I can say I’ve been chasing this dream for five years. This dream… how do I define what this dream even is?  There’s a lengthy list of women I’ve become acquainted with that have dreamed of becoming writers and speakers for as long as they can remember. But that was never my dream.  As 1950’s offensive as this may seem to some, my dream was to become a wife, mother, and create a happy household. It’s the scars I still wear from that dream which brought me to this one.

I need to be honest and let you know that I haven’t always been happy with God for leading me to the place I’m standing in now. The place where He whispers, “write” and I shout, “I’m going to sound stupid. I’m not smart, I’m no theologian, and I’m not good enough.” And I’m not one for taking any biblical thought out of context, so let me tell you that in a world where everyone is screaming, “You’re enough,” I’m usually adding two words to the end of that statement: with Jesus. Let’s just be honest, you’ll always be enough with Jesus and you’ll never be enough without Him. I can’t sugar coat that phrase, so I won’t even try. Fulfillment comes from learning who we are in Christ.

This dream started when I was asked to speak in a child development class at a local community college. It was a favor for someone. She would receive extra credit, and little did I know, I would receive a calling.  Other than in classrooms full of elementary students, I never spoke anywhere before. But that day in front of real, live adults I shared my pain and eternal hope. After that, I sat down and wrote my testimony about miscarriage, stillbirth, and infertility in manuscript form. Before this, I had never written anything other than parent letters. In the meantime, while trying to figure out what to do with my little book, I began writing my blog.

I had no idea what blogging really was. I had never even read a blog before I started writing one. I learned quickly about link-ups, online twitter parties, and making internet friends. I was naïve, because I had no idea all of this led to an ugly word: platform. Everyone was after their platform – working hard to build an audience. And, for a fraction of a second, I was caught up, too. And then I realized that when you try to fit into a mold, you lose your unique calling. I stopped working to build an audience and focused on my audience of One. Don’t pat me on the back for this, I told you I’m not very happy with the dream God placed in my heart. Some days I don’t want to do this. In fact, most days I don’t want to do this. Rejection hurts.

You see, even though I’ve chosen not to work overtime building a platform, rejection is still part of the place I’m living now. God gave me words to say and with all my heart I know He wants me to say them. However, I also know I’m not meant to follow a step-by-step cookie cutter blueprint. He didn’t make me that way.

I had one of the top literary agencies in the country give beautiful accolades about my writing. I even scored a phone meeting after they read my manuscript. I thought this had to be great news. I was wrong.  They said they would not be able to sell my book to a publisher because of the small subscriber count on my blog, the tiny number of Facebook fans I have, and the fact that I’ve almost zero twitter presence. They couldn’t risk signing me even though they believed in my words. Instead, they wanted to encourage me to keep writing in hopes I could contact them in the near future with much higher numbers. Well, I don’t know what to do about increasing my numbers, because I hate looking at people as if their nothing more than sums of subscribers lumped together for my gain. It’s gross.

I’ve experienced fellow bloggers with taglines speaking of how passionate they are about following Jesus, and then as soon as they build a small online rapport and think they have assurance that I will continue following them, they slyly unfollow me. (There are apps for these things, people. We can tell who unfollows us. That’s another thing I learned during my platform building phase.) I don’t think the people who are working hard to build platforms using the name of Jesus realize what an oxymoron it is to click the unfollow button so that they can give the illusion of popularity. The worst part about all of this is at the beginning of my journey, for a very short period of time, I did this myself. Yuck!  But that’s not me, and I just couldn’t continue on that path. It’s a common method, though, regardless of how “famous” someone is. Do you know that I had someone who is very well known with tens of thousands of followers do this to me not two weeks ago?

When is enough, really enough? How can you tell people they are “enough” but then drop them to make your follower ratio seem plentiful? Seriously, when?

Here’s the thing: there are a million women just like me doing the exact same thing just as well or a whole lot better, and that’s okay with me. Most of us won’t be offered contracts with well-known agents or ever sign deals with huge publishing houses. That in no way means we aren’t kingdom builders working for the cause of Christ. Maybe you’re reading this and you aren’t a writer or speaker and can’t even believe I’m writing so off topic today compared to my regular devotionals. Sorry. However, this applies to you as well.

You, too, are a kingdom builder. In your own unique way you’ve been called to participate in the work of God. You are meant to do big things, bigger than you can imagine. But, here’s what you need to grasp: your definition of big might be very different from God’s. This life is about living for Christ and leading others to Him. We are to be kingdom building spouses, kingdom building parents, kingdom building friends and so on… When we sow into another life, it has eternal value. It’s not here today gone tomorrow. It’s forever.

Kingdom building is not about popularity, it’s about humility.

Listen, I would love to have the opportunity to speak to large groups and have my words become more widespread, but if that’s not what God is doing then He has something better, and I better shift my definition of what “big” is and catch His vision while tossing my own aside. And, maybe you do too. Maybe we all need to remember that changing our baby’s diapers, and reading bedtime stories have eternal value. Maybe we need to remember that kissing our husbands passionately builds our relationships and affords us love and support that enables us to build the kingdom with our best friend by our side. Maybe, just maybe, we need to remember that sharing our beauty from ashes story with only one person can mean a life pointed toward Christ that could possibly be the biggest thing we ever do. This is about eternity. It’s about people. It’s about living real life in our own communities while sharing our stories in unique ways.

If you have talked to one person today, had one person read your social media status, or have one subscriber on your blog, then YOU have had an opportunity to invest in the kingdom. It’s no small thing…

Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us. We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God.

-2 Corinthians 5:20 (ESV)

You are meant to be a kingdom builder!






Your Path of Purpose…

You will make known to me the path of life, in Your presence is fullness of joy; in Your right hand there are pleasures forevermore.-Psalm 16_11

This morning, I reached for my phone and immediately went to my Bible App looking for the verse of the day. I have to say I’m not big on electronic Bibles. I don’t necessarily like using my phone or any other device. There’s something about tangibly turning pages that connects me to the written words. But, sometimes, one just needs a quick word of encouragement.

You will make known to me the path of life, in Your presence is fullness of joy; in Your right hand there are pleasures forevermore.

-Psalm 16:11

Last week, I wrote to you about digging into the word of God more and how as a community of believers, I want us to do this together. I talked about October being the beginning of a series relating to purpose, and communicated that I want to know if you have questions or study suggestions relating to that theme as we move closer to that time. The response overwhelmed me.

I heard from some of you in the comment section of the blog, and received some beautiful heartfelt emails from others of you who are struggling with questions and difficult life situations. I’ve been praying for all of you and preparing to address  your thoughts in October.

I found it very timely for the above scripture to be today’s verse of the day. “You will make known to me the path of life…” As a body of believers, we must hold tightly to this. With everything we are we need to find hope in those words, refusing to give up when we feel lost. We often find ourselves searching for answers in the midst of hard battles and usually don’t know which way to go. That’s when the word of God takes over and breathes life into desolate circumstances.

Today, I want to encourage you with Psalm 16: 11 and remind you that the word of God is infallible. What is written in that book is truth in its purest form. God will make His path known to us when we seek Him with our whole hearts. It’s possible that we may not see with complete clarity along the way, but when we’ve arrived at our destination, and we will, His fingerprints will be all over the map of our land.

Friend, regardless of how you’re feeling today, seek His presence. You will find fullness of joy in that place. Seek His hand of direction over your life, there are pleasures there forevermore. The Psalms aren’t just sweet sayings meant to tickle your ears; they are words of life from the Father of love, light, and wholeness. Your path of purpose has been forged long before you arrived on this earth. Together, we will discover what this means throughout our October series.

Be encouraged today!

If you missed my post last week, you can find it here. If you have any questions or study topics to suggest, please leave a comment either here or on last week’s blog post. You can also email me at

Be confident in His word. He will make your path known!



What Walter Mitty and Every Mother Have in Common…

I’m so excited to participate with Holley Gerth in her Coffee for your heart: 2014 Encouragement challenge. Today, I’m linking up to tell you what God is speaking to my heart concerning motherhood. I hope it encourages you!Coffee-for-Your-Heart-150Dear Moms,

Over the weekend I saw the movie Walter Mitty. Walter is a daydreamer. His imagination takes him to places where  he accomplishes everything he would like, but in reality doesn’t have the superhero abilities to achieve.

Have you ever “checked out” of difficult situations while wishing you held some type of control? Do you often play the blame game? Confession: I’m a mother, and I have “Walter Mitty moments” every day. I remember when my oldest son was in second grade and having trouble in math. I cried because I was never any good at math and therefore, it had to have been ALL MY FAULT he was struggling. (By the way, he is now 21 and second grade math had zero bearing on his future.) Pauly Guitar photoWhen my youngest son was diagnosed with a weak muscle in his eye requiring him to wear glasses, all I could think about was how he was born 6 weeks premature. IF I could have just carried him safely in my womb a little longer, maybe he could have been spared the aggravation of uncomfortable eye testing and glasses. Sammy photoThe other day as I looked at my daughter I whispered audibly, “She is so beautiful.” My husband said, “That is because she looks like you.” I dismissed those words. Grace and I at disney for blog photoWhy is it so easy to release the good and accept the bad? Why does motherhood stamp the word guilt on our foreheads immediately upon delivery of each child?

God is not the author of condemnation, and this new year I’m praying for clarity of thought over the way I view myself and how it relates to my children.

Listen, as mothers, we will always want our children to be the best at everything. We will continually hold hope they will attain far more than we ever will. And if they don’t… We. Will. Hurt. It comes with the territory.

However, and we all know however is just a fancy word for but… so hold on tight because this is a ginormous but!

BUT GOD has a plan for our children far beyond what we’ve imagined. And the first prayer we should all pray over our children each day is that they would learn to submit to Him.

BUT GOD can help our children with mathematics and every other subject in school.

BUT GOD can heal and give us wisdom for the best medical treatments for our children.

BUT GOD can remove the fog from our eyes and allow us to enjoy that our children are beautiful despite the fact they look like us.

How we view ourselves will carry on to our children, and I want mine to see me as one who believes in the God who can do all things and created each of us in His image. His plan is perfection.

BUT GOD can do it, and He will!

So this new year when you are tempted to examine all your faults and worry over situations you cannot control, remember this: BUT GOD.

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie Walter Mitty.  Yet, from the Christian perspective, if you were to ask me a weakness Walter had, I would tell you this: Walter imagined himself to be the one who saved the day. Our “Walter Mitty moments” should serve as reminders that only Christ can save us from our daily battles. It is His wisdom which allows us to conquer the tough moments in life. Through those moments we should remember to submit our lives, and the lives of our children, into His hands alone.

All things through prayer and supplication unto a faithful God…

My flesh and my heart fail; But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

-Psalm 73:26

You can do this, friend!



For When There is No Burning Bush…

handsI’ve been digging deep into the Word. There hasn’t been a time ever in my life that I have been as captivated by the things of God as I am now. We all take paths that lead us to where we are. We are lead by a series of our own choices and awakenings. I’ve come alive to God’s Word through choosing to become disciplined enough to dive into it. What took me so long?

I’ve been struck with the notion that sometimes when I teach Bible study or speak to a group of women I have a tendency to discuss the stories of the Bible surrounded by huge events.

Abraham fell on his face under the power of God, Moses had a burning bush to fuel the fire of God in his heart, and Paul was knocked off his animal and blinded while hearing the audible voice of Jesus Christ.

There have been moments where I’ve thought that if God did something as big in my life as He did for people of the Bible, then my important life decisions would be much easier to make. I could benefit from hearing God’s audible voice. What about you? But then conviction takes over as I recognize that each life is just as important as the next and just because God speaks to someone audibly or sets a bush ablaze doesn’t mean my life has any less value to Him. He has a plan for me.

Learning to trust God through faith and obedience will lead to blessing.

Queen Esther didn’t have a huge moment where God spoke to her audibly. She didn’t have a burning bush. She only had the encouragement of Mordecai mingled with faith and obedience.  She had to resign herself to the fact she might die. Esther’s words were, “If I perish I perish.” Esther 4: 16 (N.K.J.V.)

That, my friends, is what you call courage.

Mordecai asked Esther a question. “Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” Esther 4:14 (N.K.J.V.)

And I have this to say to you…

Every time you speak into the lives of your children, husband, friends, or strangers, it is for such a time as this. The choices you are faced with are for such a time as this.

Your life has purpose and God has a divine plan tailored for you. Whether you reach one or one million, God will use your life for such a time as this. Every moment, every breath is important. It all means something.

You were meant for today, for this moment, for this one life you’ve been given.

Be obedient, be a blessing, and glorify God for such a time as this.



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31 Days to Surviving the Battle: Encouraging Others Through Your Battle (Day 18)

Ocean sunrise photoBe an encourager regardless of your situation.

There is little more beneficial than taking our eyes off ourselves in the middle of a battle and serving someone else. Too much focus on our own hardships can lead us backward and off course instead of straight ahead toward the victory.

But command Joshua, and encourage him and strengthen him;
for he shall go over before this people,
and he shall cause them to inherit the land which you will see.

– Deuteronomy 3:28 (NKJV)

God told Moses that he would not be the one to lead the Israelites into the Promised Land – and that Joshua would do it instead. He then gave Moses the charge of encouraging Joshua in this process.

This could not have been easy. Moses was on a tough battleground at this point – not just physically, but emotionally too. He would never cross over into the Promised Land, and he was commanded instead to encourage the man who would do the job he originally thought was his. Ouch!

It isn’t easy to encourage and bless other people when they receive something that you desperately want for yourself, but you must. Encouragement through our own trials is one key to survival. I have found that it leads to blessing and fulfillment in many areas.

I’m going to end today with an excerpt from my upcoming book, Nothing to Hold but Hope. It is the story of my journey through stillbirth, miscarriage, and infertility, and this excerpt fits with today’s battle theme:

I was a support person in the delivery room with my sister-in-law for the birth of all five of her children. During her first three deliveries, I was trying desperately to become pregnant. Throughout her first pregnancy, I was on fertility medications. It was extremely difficult for me to commit to be there for her, but I was being obedient to what I know God wanted to use me for. Through it, He brought healing.


It will never be easy to go to someone else’s baby shower when you feel empty due to a loss, or because you are struggling with infertility. I know that it isn’t, because I did it.  It is horrible to put a smile on the outside and pretend everything is fine while screaming and crying on the inside. But don’t ignore the invitations; go to the showers and hospital visits. Be whatever support that is required of you at the time. Be obedient and be blessed. Have faith and overcome.

I don’t know what your specific battle is, but whatever it is, someday you will be faced with the chance to minister, encourage, support, and show kindness to someone who needs you. That person may already have what you are desperate to have for yourself. Regardless, be obedient and just watch what God does in your life. He never disappoints!



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What You Must Do…

"Image courtesy of"

“Image courtesy of”

Dear Friends,

Do you look in the mirror and focus on what you think is imperfection?

Show yourself mercy…

Do you step on the scale and regardless of your progress feel it’s never good enough?

Show yourself mercy…

Do you parent your children with more love than you thought possible to feel for another human being, and yet beat yourself up over shouting about toys on the floor and clothes strewn everywhere?

Show yourself mercy…

Do you feel that regardless of how others view you or how successful you’ve become, you’re still not good enough?

Show yourself mercy…

God created you with an eternal love.

You were fearfully and wonderfully made. (Psalm 139:14)

Regardless of your fine lines, you are lovely.

Show yourself mercy…

Regardless of the number on the scale, you are beautiful.

Show yourself mercy…

Regardless of the mommy guilt, which plagues us all, you are beloved by those little ones.

Show yourself mercy…

Regardless of the pressure you put on yourself to be well liked and successful, you are more than enough.

Show yourself mercy.

Sometimes we are the ones who belittle who we are. We bully ourselves into thinking we will never become who we should. I have news for you… the Father knew your name before time began. You will always be loved and you will always be good enough. Let His love cover you. Today, I’m praying the truth of who God created you to be to come alive inside you. May you be washed in His grace and recognize your worth. You are valuable; you are precious.

Show yourself mercy…



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Is There an Easier Way?

rainbow blog pic

Today, I’m joining Crystal Stine for Behind the Scenes. The picture above was taken during a cross country road trip that we took over the summer. As you read further, you will know what I was thinking when I snapped the picture…

Recently, I’ve found myself in many conversations based around hardships people are facing. I’m sure if I gathered any of us together around a table we could all discuss the difficulties or fears we are facing. We all have them.

Several months ago I wrote a post entitled, And the Lord Shut Him In. As I was searching scripture I was amazed at what the hand of God did in the life of Noah. Literally!

Genesis 7:16

So those that entered, male and female of all flesh, went in as God had commanded him; and the Lord shut him in. (N.K.J.V.)

The Lord literally shut Noah, his household, and all the animals in the ark. That, my friends, is the mercy of God!

In July, we packed up the kids and journeyed on a cross country road trip in the minivan. We traveled through a lot of rain. It would be perfectly sunny one moment and then, straight ahead just a few minutes down the road, clouds would be hovering and rain would pour. The rain was located in different sections.

I remember thinking of the flood and how nice it might have been if God would have just said to Noah, “Noah, I know you walk in obedience with me, so I’m going to save you and your family. I’ve designated this nice, little, sunny, dry area for you. Stay in this section of land and you will be okay.” Um… nope.

Instead, Noah in all his obedience had to work. He worked to build the ark, and then he had to stomach living inside of it. Genesis 7:24 tells us the water prevailed for 150 days.

But then something wonderful happened…

Genesis 8:1

Then God remembered Noah, and every living thing, and all the animals that were with him in the ark. And God made a wind to pass over the earth, and the waters subsided. (N.K.J.V.)

God remembered Noah! And not in the sense where He just thought about him and knew he was there. This was an action.  He remembered Him and acted by causing a wind. As a result, the waters began to subside. His divine mercy reigned over the life of Noah that day.

God knows we are going to face trials, but when we are obedient and place our focus and trust on Him, He WILL show us mercy!

  1. Just like God did for Noah, He will shut us into safety. However, we have to build the “ark.” In my life, I consider this to be building a solid foundation in Christ.
  2. He will remember us and act accordingly for our good.

We might think there has to be an easier way than working to build and then take a wild ride in an ark, but God knows. He knows the particulars of our lives. He sees things we never will. We have to trust.

When we are focused on obedience, something beautiful will rise out of the flood.

I know something beautiful will rise out of your flood. Stay focused, remain obedient, and if you are still riding the waves on the “ark”, then hold on dear ones, His mercy is new!

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Will I Ever Feel Mercy Inside the Battle? (Part 2)

Yesterday, I started a short series about finding mercy, blessing, and the beautiful pieces of what lies within the battles we face. Today, I’ve linked up with Crystal Stine for Behind the Scenes. I’m sharing part 2 of my post, and showing you, in picture form, some divine mercy in my life.

I’ve been thinking about you. Yes, you! I know how hard I’ve had to battle throughout different circumstances in my life. And I know some of you, as you read this, are in the middle of some very heavy battles right now. It’s important that you realize you are not alone.

Whenever we battle difficult situations, we can easily become over sensitive to negative emotions. Insecurity, abandonment, and jealousy issues seep inside. We feel lonely, but it is usually because we put ourselves in a lonely place. We think there is no one else who can identify, so we battle single-handedly. And, oftentimes, against ourselves without even realizing it.

I want to say three things to you.

  1. You were not meant to battle alone  (Ecclesiastes 4:9-11)
  2.  Find yourself a Barnabas; you need to surround yourself with truth and encouragement. (Acts 4:32-36)
  3. You HAVE to look for mercy. (Genesis 39:20-22) Joseph was in prison, yet God gave him favor right where he was. He had to endure for awhile, but God poured out a thick blanket of mercy to comfort him during his stay.

God will always provide exactly what is needed while fighting on the frontlines of the battlefield. We have to learn to push aside pride and call out for prayer, strength, and encouragement from those the Lord has strategically placed into our lives. Mercy WILL flow through that precious provision.

Now, I want to share with you some mercy the Lord has sent me…   Me-and-Kathy-blog-picMe-and-Star-blog-pic

These are two amazing encouragers in my life! It would be impossible for me to show everyone who brings me such joy, and I don’t have photo permission from them either, and we all know how important picture approval is! However, I do want to highlight Kathy and Star. two people (Without photo approval. Yikes!) who God uses to speak love, encouragement, and mercy into my life. They are on completely different sides of the country, and have both helped see me through some very dark days….

What about you? I would love to hear who encourages you! Feel free to give them a shout out today! And then… thank Jesus for them. He provided them especially for you!

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How We Endure…

Woman On RockThere are many wonderful people in my life enduring very painful circumstances. It is difficult to see them struggle. Endurance in the midst of trial is necessary. We are often forced to battle conditions we never thought we would have the strength to battle. Yet, we somehow trudge forward. We are able to endure, because He who sent us into those difficult places accompanies us there.

John 8:29

“… And He who sent Me is with Me. The Father has not left Me alone, for I always do those things that please Him.” (N.K.J.V.)

Jesus spoke these words to the Pharisees. It was as if they were deaf to His words. Jesus knows what it is to have to endure. He carried a cross, suffered, and died for our sins, but He didn’t do it alone because the Father never left Him alone.

It’s the same for us. No matter what road we walk down He is faithful to be there every single step of the way.

Through sickness, He is there.

Through the death of a loved one, He is there.

Through financial struggles, He is there.

Through caring for an elderly parent, He is there.

Through the heartbreak of divorce, He is there.

Through miscarriage, stillbirth or infertility, He is there.

I could go on forever, but the point is that if He has allowed you to walk a road with troubling circumstances – He will never leave you alone there.

Like drawing water from a well, we need to draw from the strength of the Father to endure.

So, how do we do that? I think the best place to start is through doing what Jesus says next in the above passage of scripture. “… for I always do those things that please Him.”

We need to be concerned with living a life pleasing to Christ regardless of how strong the storm rages around us.

In the middle of a battle it is easy to want to give up the fight. Sometimes we are too tired to keep moving forward. It’s true that surrender is crucial. However, it is who or what you surrender to that will cause you to win or lose the battle you are fighting.

We must surrender to the will of the Father. When we do, slowly but surely, we will begin to recognize His presence in the darkest places and find hope even on the road of suffering.

You are not alone.



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When The Mountain is Steep

"Image courtesy of"

“Image courtesy of”

When I was a teenager my boyfriend (who is now my husband) used to take me skiing. He was a great skier and more than confident to face the steep slopes. I wouldn’t dare go near them. Well, except for once…

Paul kept insisting I try to ski a more difficult hill. Looking back, I’m quite sure he was sick and tired of the few novice slopes that I was content with skiing all day long. So I gave in to the taunting and decided to try.

When I hopped off the ski lift and looked down the mountain I became paralyzed with fear. I did NOT want to go down. He tried to speak logic to me and stroke my competitive side as to help muster my courage.

I tried.

I fell.

I rolled.

I only rolled halfway down. This meant I still had the rest of the mountain to face. My fear and anxiety turned to anger. It was ugly.

I’m sure he was thankful for the padding of good ski clothing, because I have a distant memory of hitting him once, twice, or even three times with my poles. I felt alone on that mountain. He brought me there, and I blamed him for my fear.

Today, when this memory from 25 years ago resurfaced, I began thinking about how sometimes we feel frightened where we are and become angry with God for allowing us to be there.

Paul was willing to ski me down the mountain. He was a great skier and willing to teach and assist me. I wasn’t alone, but I was so full of fear that I couldn’t see his generosity. I couldn’t accept his help. All I could do was shout and beat the poor guy with my poles. (There must have been something good about me. He married me anyway.)

It’s the same with God. No matter where we are, we will find Him there. He is right beside us and has every intention of guiding us down the mountain to level ground. Yet, too often, we don’t see Him or allow Him to help because of our intense fear over whatever it is gripping us.

I want to encourage you to see God as your help. Allow Him to work alongside you and guide you down the scary mountain. I realize it is a difficult place to be and there are no easy answers or quick fixes when it comes to facing hard battles that life brings us. However, if you allow Christ to ski you down the mountain, you will gain more than you could have ever imagined throughout the journey.


Psalm 97:5

The mountains melt like wax at the presence of the Lord, at the presence of the Lord of the whole earth. (N.K.J.V.)

By the way… my temper isn’t what it once was, and I have never again beaten my husband with ski poles. To give you a little window into his crazy side, let me tell you this:

Before we were married, he held me down and had is brother hold a live goldfish over my mouth. Just for fun! I thought I might die.  And that was the day I declared us even!

We’ve been married nearly 22 years with no more violent ski or live goldfish incidents. We are a match made in heaven.