Why Do We Allow Busyness to Dictate our Actions and Behaviors?

Why do we allow busyness to dictate our actions and behaviors_-1

Good Morning, Friends. I know that recently I’ve only been posting on Wednesday’s to study Jeremiah, but I decided to go off schedule and give a word of encouragement for your weekend. I have a reason.

Some days just don’t turn out the way we expect them. Without going into the entire story and crafting this into more words than it needs to be, yesterday was an unexpected day. Long story short: I had a doctor’s appointment, he decided I needed a cortisone shot, I had a reaction to the medicine, and about five minutes after receiving the injection I passed out cold. Ugh!

But let’s take a step back so I can tell you that the morning leading up to that moment wasn’t my greatest. My husband insisted on accompanying me to the appointment. In my small mind, I thought that was a really dumb idea. I should probably say that I didn’t want to see the doctor about a silly shoulder injury. I thought for sure I could power through and that there was probably nothing wrong at all. Not the case. I have a minor injury that needs some attention. However, my actions were not the kindest towards Paul because he was the one who insisted I take time out of my busy schedule to see a doctor. He wants me to feel better… the nerve!

Why do we allow busyness to dictate our actions and behaviors?

It’s not that I mind being busy. Lord knows I’ve brought most of what I do on myself voluntarily. But here’s what I’ve noticed: there is a test in the middle of the busy, every day happenings of life. I’ll be honest and tell you that yesterday morning I didn’t pass. Paul told me he wanted to come to my appointment to make sure I was alright. Instead of accepting his kindness, I complained I had to go in the first place and didn’t think he needed to waste time waiting in a physician’s office just because I had to be there.

Aren’t you glad God is atemporal? He isn’t limited by the confines of time. And with all my heart, I think He’s calling us to look up from our calendars so we don’t miss the moments He’s designed especially for us. We operate on a 24/7 schedule with full planners and little room for change. When we need to switch something around, guilt takes the driver’s seat. Listen, it’s okay to be busy and stick to schedules. However, it’s not okay to become so imprisoned by what we need to accomplish in a day that our mood shifts and we aren’t able to see what God wants us to achieve. If we aren’t careful, full schedules have a way of making us into control freaks leaving little room for God to work.

I ended up having to spend almost the entire day in bed yesterday, unscheduled. I wasn’t happy about any of it until I began seeing the fingerprints of God on my situation. I had an injury that needed diagnosed, I wasn’t alone because my husband was there when the medication triggered a reaction, and I needed some rest that I wouldn’t have otherwise given myself.

This weekend, take some deep breaths. Consider deviating from the schedule and filling some space with family and friends. Make memories and share stories. Do something that you want to do and be intentional about not allowing guilt to suffocate your choices. Plans are meant to change, and sometimes it’s because God has a divine appointment waiting.

And He said to them, “Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while.” For there were many coming and going, and they did not even have time to eat.

-Mark 6:31

In the above scripture, Jesus and the disciples were busy ministering. Jesus decided they needed a place to rest, so they got in a boat planning to go to a deserted place. Guess what? The multitudes followed and Jesus was moved to compassion for them. The disciples at first wanted to send them away but Jesus had a feeding miracle in mind. The disciples had their own plans, but Jesus had a divine appointment waiting. Even before the existence of calendars humanity needed lessons on listening to the divine appointment Maker.

I never want to miss a divine appointment. What about you?



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We Are All in Process…

Two Valid Points about Our gifts...Our timing often stands in the way of a still life. We’re usually desperate for what we lay at the throne of Christ, and we can be our own worst enemies in thinking that our way is the best way.

I remember being so desperate for a baby that I thought my life would fall to pieces if the pregnancy test read negative. It was disheartening as months turned into years and I felt stuck in the very same position where I started. But that wasn’t really the case at all, it’s just how I was choosing to see it.

In the middle of the deep and dark, God was working like a surgeon inside my heart and at the same time He was strengthening my foundation. I was becoming more rock solid in my spiritual life than I ever imagined. It was a process.

We are all in process.

There is a stirring that takes place in each one of us, and it eventually leads to a convergence of all we were born to become. It’s like a connection of puzzle pieces signifying all the difficulties we’ve faced, and then fitting them together with the beauty of Christ in our lives.

Our progression through brokenness is like a rite of passage. Through it, we gain experience that shapes us into who Christ knows we can become.

Jesus didn’t stand on the shore of Galilee and see Peter as merely a fisherman, He saw him as a fisher of men. He knew that Peter had a lot to endure and that his road wasn’t going to be easy. Jesus didn’t walk past him on that beach even though He knew Peter would eventually deny Him. Instead, He looked at what that process in Peter’s life would shape him into, and He chose to see that Peter – the one who would win souls and die for His Lord while building the kingdom.

Our God is a God of resurrection. He can take the worst of our lives and turn it into the best. He breathes life. This is why we have hope. And, friend, this is why it’s possible to live a still life.

We can find peace in the hope we have in a God who takes our worst and turns it to His best. We can move in stillness because we have a God who answers prayers and makes the crooked ways straight.

However, It’s in His timing.

Take it from someone who knows… trust His timing and let go of yours.



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