One hundred fifteen days…

If you read the introduction to my book, you learned I struggled with grief.  As I continue to blog more of my book, you will quickly become aware of how earth-shattering it was for me.  I will always struggle with a certain amount of grief, but a huge lesson for me was realizing that to overcome it, I had to learn how to live with it.  That statement might not make a lot of sense to you now, but as you keep reading my story, it will.

Does anyone remember Schroeder’s famous line “Good grief, Charlie Brown?”  Charlie Brown made us smile on his simple everyday ventures of being a kid.  Unfortunately, “Charlie Brown grief” is not the kind of grief I walked with all those years.  “Charlie Brown grief” is the type of grief I’m feeling because I’m on the doorstep of 40.  Perspective is key.  So, though I may rant and rave because everyday I’m moving closer to 40, and my body is no longer 25, I do understand 40 is a gift.  I’m thankful for today, because I have no idea what tomorrow holds.  I realize that some of you reading this might be trudging through hard grief right at this moment.  I’m praying for you.  I may not know your name, but God does.

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