Seventy-four days…

I went shopping today.  To those who know me…  it’s shocking, I know.  To those who don’t, that was pure sarcasm.  I have lost twenty-two pounds, so I decided it’s time to purchase a new pair of dress pants that actually fit.  I went shopping for one pair of pants, and I came home with two very large shopping bags full of clothing.  I bought my husband some clothes as well.   I did this for two reasonsnumber one, because I love him, and number two, it helps alleviate the guilt of overspending on myself.

When I was in the dressing room, I overheard two women talking.  They hadn’t seen each other in awhile and were catching up on each other’s lives.  One woman was asking a lot of questions regarding people she hadn’t had contact with in some time.  The other woman answered, “I have no idea.  I don’t talk to anyone anymore; I don’t have time.”  Up to this point, I wasn’t paying much attention to the conversation.  It was background noise to me while I was deciding on clothing choices, but the way she answered her friend almost sounded bitter.  She wasn’t very happy. She sounded overwhelmed, tired, and saddened by a lifestyle of all work and no play.  I stopped and took a moment to pray for her.

Life is very busy.  We overcommit ourselves for many different reasons.  Parental responsibilities alone leave many of us ordering dinner at drive-through windows. Checking our smart phones for work-related email from the sidelines at the soccer field, has become the norm.  We are a busy society.  We have a need to cram everything in until we have no time left to enjoy life.  Moreover, on top of all the insanity in our daily schedules, a lot of us are dealing with deep issues we try to suppress, so we can pull off the appearance of “supermom” to everyone else who may, or may not be, watching.

Every now and then, forcing yourself into taking a day to slow down is essential.  Making time to do things we love is important to the health of your mind and body.  I feel the need to encourage everyone today to find something you love to do, and do it!  If spontaneity isn’t an option, mark it on your calendar.   It doesn’t have to be expensive.  It doesn’t have to be an all-day event, but it does need to be something that will bring you enjoyment.  It’s important to take a deep breath.  When we do, we are able to face all the craziness of everyday life with tenaciousness.  It’s important.  Take time to breathe.



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