Fifty-three days…

Chapter Four Part two…

Save, Lord!  May the King answer us when we call.  (Psalm 20:9)  N.K.J.V.

My husband and I spend a large amount of time ministering to teenagers.  We started a youth ministry at our church several years ago, and it has been a true blessing.  However, ministering to young adults on the topic of why God chooses to answer some prayers the way we want them answered, and other prayers differently than how we want them answered, can be a frustrating, uphill climb.

When teens are hurting and it seems as if God did not heed their prayers, it can be difficult to explain.  We have watched our young adults deal with sick parents, death of siblings, and hard battles with self image.  We have seen teens suffer over a breakup, not being hired for a job they want, or acceptance into their college of choice.

All these issues are important to them, and many youth somehow determine how much they think God loves them based on whether He answers their prayers the way they want.  And guess what?  Most adults are not much different, especially when we are begging God for something as important and life changing as having a baby.

I truly believe with my whole heart that God cares about every issue we care about no matter how big or small.  I also believe that if our wants and needs are not part of His plan, then it is not what is best for us and God might say, “no, “or “not now.”  God will answer in His own way, in His own time.  It does not mean He doesn’t love us; it means that He loves us too much for the answer to be any less than He has designed it to be.  Our job is to keep praying, keep trusting, and believe that the King will answer when we call.

A more intimate prayer life and greater time in His word on a regular basis would have equipped me to fight the battles in my life.  I’ve learned that when I spend quality time in His word, my focus shifts from my own bleak problems to His amazing majesty.  It is in my moments alone with Him that I recognize how small I am and how big He is. When I am weak, He is strong.  He gives us His strength to fight.  As things turned out, I had quite a fight ahead of me.


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