Forty-eight days…

When we arrived in Nashville late Friday evening, we decided to eat at Whole Foods.  As we got  our food and sat down at a booth, I noticed the people sitting at the table behind us.

First, there was a young man.  He might have been twenty, maybe even a little younger.  Next, a young girl probably the same age as he walked over to the table.  Within seconds of sitting down she stood back up, and that is when I realized she had a newborn baby strapped to the front of her.  The couple was so young and looked so happy.  At one point the young man stood up and gave her a kiss, while leaning over and caressing the baby’s head.  I had a flashback…

For those of you who remember, I was married very young.  Paul was 19, and I was 18 years old when we married.  It was only six weeks or so before my 20th birthday when our son Pauly was born.  I remember feeling so joyfully content I could burst.  We were a happy little family with our whole lives ahead us!  It was a wonderfully simple time.  It didn’t matter if we didn’t have an abundance of money (or any at all for that matter).  We were happy.  More than 21 years later, we are still happy.

I’m sure many people looked at that couple as I did but may have been thinking, “Wow, they are so young.  How will they ever make it?”  It takes putting Jesus first to make a marriage work.  I realize people who do not have a relationship with Him can stay happily married, but I think the most amazing piece of happiness within a healthy relationship lies in Christ.  I pray that if that beautiful young couple doesn’t know Him, they will soon.  I wish them many happy years of growing up together and taking whatever comes their way, good or bad, in stride.  Before they know it, their baby will be twenty and hopefully, like Paul and I, they will be able to look back with gratitude at an amazing first two decades together.

Today is Pauly’s twentieth birthday.  I am a blessed woman.  He is a true miracle from God.  He lives for Jesus and uses his gifts to glorify Him.  I’m proud of how our little family started out.  Today we are older, but the love from those two young, impulsive, crazy kids so long ago lives on and has led to making a mark on the world for Jesus.  We dedicated Pauly to Him many years ago, and I believe as the generations continue we will see our grandchildren make that same mark.  To God be the glory!  Happy birthday, Pauly!

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