Forty-one days…

I will soon be on my way to an ugly sweater Christmas party.  I’ve been going over this whole “growing older” thing in my mind, and I realize that starting in middle age, it is highly possible for fashion short circuits to start happening in the brain.  I’m beginning to have some brain glitches myself.  For example, I went from looking at certain pairs of pants and thinking, “Eww, why would anyone wear pants with an elastic waist?” to “Hey, those elastic waist pants look pretty comfy.”  I couldn’t be happier that flat shoes are back in style, because I can hardly stand the discomfort my heels cause me.  I’m worried that I’m slowly caving into the fashion faux pas which seem to begin in mid-life.  As I was shopping for my ugly sweater, I kept thinking, “Wait, is this really ugly… or strangely cute?”  As my Spanish grandmother-in-law would say, “Ay Yi Yi!”

Today marks 41 days to go before reaching age 40.  It seems as if I should spend the rest of the time I have left in my 30’s doing something significant and monumental.  Tackle Everest?  No, I did that yesterday when I finished every stitch of laundry in the house.  What should I do to say good bye to my thirties?  Any ideas?

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