Fifteen days…

Wow, only 15 more days.  I remember when I turned 15 years old.  I thought the number sounded soooo much older than 14.  Being only one year away from sweet 16 and the ability to drive a motor vehicle gave me a little skip in my step and caused me to feel an overwhelming sense of confidence.  HA!  Tell me that wasn’t ridiculous thinking. Here I am now, 25 years later.  I’ve been driving for the last 24 years, and I’m not sure where the confidence went.  I think most of it came and left with age 15.

I can find some commonality regarding how I felt turning from age 14 to age 15 and how I’m feeling now.  The one year jump from age 39 to age 40 definitely seems soooooo much older.  However, unlike having driving and dating to look ahead to in the coming years (I don’t think my husband would be a fan of my dating anyone), I have other things to capture my focus.  Now, I bet you’re thinking I’m going to say more wrinkles or something shallow like that.  Mmm hmmm… it crossed my mind, but I’m choosing a more positive spin today.  I want to think with a goal-oriented frame of mind.

I’ve decide to close out my last 15 days before entering 40 with naming something each day that I want to accomplish in my 40s.  I am establishing goals, if you will, to begin the new decade of my life.

Number 15 (drum roll, please)… wait… before I tell you, just let me preface by saying, “Do NOT get your hopes up too high for what these goals are going to be.” I cannot set elaborate goals like traveling the world, climbing mountains, or wearing a size 0.  Those things will NEVER happen.  I hate flying, I don’t have the energy for outdoor activities, and I lOVE food.  Okay, now, with those things in mind, number 15 on my list is to continue exercising at least 3 times a week.  I want to live to see my future grandchildren grow up.  I know.  I know.  I’m a wild child!


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