Fourteen days…

It’s January.  You know what that means… resolutions.  Yep, you hear the word resolution used mostly at this time of year.  Just about everyone makes at least one.  I’m certain that gym owners, fitness equipment companies, and personal trainers alike are counting their cash right about now. I fear it won’t be long before all those gung-ho, ready-for-change, we-want-it-and-we-want-it-now personalities will begin the process of buyer’s remorse.  Soon, monthly gym membership fees will be drafted from their bank accounts.  It’s a gift, really, a donation to the world of fitness and people with REAL willpower…  Yes, I’ll admit it.  In the past, I’ve been one of these people.  It would have been better for me to have just thrown my money in the air and let people come running to grab it than to sign a gym contract.  I’ve often failed at these types of New Year’s resolutions. (Was it me who in yesterday’s blog just made a commitment to work out three times a week throughout my 40s?  No, it couldn’t have been!)

I’ve been thinking about this word resolution.  I like words.  I don’t regularly use large, impressive words, or even remember what they all mean, but I still like them.  I might even love them.  Words are powerful.  If used in a negative connotation, they will destroy.  Words are beautiful.  They have the gift to express love, insight, and intellect.  Words are mysterious.  We have the ability to use words to describe what we feel, yet sometimes we choose to be aloof.  The word resolution is an extremely strong word, however most people identify it with weakness.  This is because of how our society has coined the phrase “New Year’s resolutions,” and gives that sturdy word resolution a bad rap, because of the inability to be determined.

One of the synonyms for the word resolution is determination.  I don’t know about you, but when I am determined to do anything, I am a force with which to be reckoned.  Determination carries strength.  When I have resolved to do something, I work my hardest to attain whatever it might be.  I say all this today to encourage you to have resolve.  Not resolve with fitness or weight loss goals like everybody and their brother.  Though those are good resolutions, the most important one we can make that will have the utmost positive impact on our lives will be a resolve to grow closer to Christ.  I hope to inspire you to make a resolution that will count for something eternal.  Remember, the word resolution is a strong word.  Make a decision and follow through.  Make 2013 count for more than just physical goals.  I want to urge you to apply spiritual goals.  They will change your life forever.

Number 14 on my “40’s goals’ list” is to memorize one new scripture per month.  I’ve resolved to do it!

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