RuinsRivieraMayaYesterday while we were sitting on the beach in the beautiful warm sunshine, (Every girl who turns 40 deserves to have a few bragging rights about something.  Depicting my tropical escape to you is mine. Tee hee.)  a young man dressed in the attire of our resort staff members came to check on us.  He wanted to make sure we were happy with our accommodations and fill us in on daily activities.  As soon as I saw him approaching us I began to pray.  I didn’t feel to pray because I felt a sense of fear or apprehension about him, but because I felt he needed it.

My husband is a talkative person; I am quiet and reserved.  Paul began to speak with the young gentleman; I will refer to him as “Z.”  I soon recognized that God was showing me to pray and Paul to speak.  My husband began talking to “Z” and the more he spoke with him, the harder I prayed.  Within a minute or so of conversation my husband asked, “’Z’, Do you believe in Jesus?”  “Oh, yes, I believe in Jesus.  I mean, I believe He lived.  Two thousand years ago Jesus was the rock star of His time.”  We all giggled, and I kept praying.  My husband continued, “So, what do you believe?”  “Z” replied, “I believe in energy.  I believe when you take good things in… you become good.  I can’t live without exercise and healthy food.  Energy is all around us; it is fast moving.”  We came to find out that he likes to study.  He spent 3 months in Thailand specifically to study Buddha.  “Z” is searching.

Close to an hour later, we found out that for as many books as “Z” has been reading to figure out the meaning of the “energy,” he has never read the Bible.  My husband recommended a couple different translations that might make it easier for him to understand.  After our encounter with “Z” I continued to pray for him throughout the night, and I couldn’t help but think of all the other people like him in the world.  I’m sure you may know some.

Today, I’m praying for those who think “energy” is what will save them and bring happiness.  I’m praying the true, unspeakable, saving joy and love of Jesus will penetrate those hearts in a way that cannot be denied.  Please join with me and pray for “Z” and all those like him.

John 14:6

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”


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