Sea Turtle Riviera Maya 2013You know I have lots of little fears and phobias, right?  One of them is a fear of swimming with fish.  Not like, “swim with the fishes” as in the mafia movies.  I mean literally swimming with fish.  Here I am in the beautiful Caribbean Sea and these gorgeous, little, tiny, colorful fish as big as the nail on my pinkie finger send me into complete panic.  I scream.  I run.  I swim away fast.  People laugh.  Yes, this is so totally me.

Yesterday, my husband and friend went snorkeling and saw a sea turtle.  They shot an underwater video of it.  God’s beauty is amazing.  However, I will never know this close up, because I’m afraid of being eaten.  Due to my 50 block sunscreen I’m still incredibly white.  Not to mention the flab on my body, which is incredibly buoyant in the water, I could be fish bait!   Oh well, with my book and a smoothie from the health bar (they have one!) in my hand, I will watch the beautiful aqua sea and pray nobody is eaten.

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