Do you know that what could have been defined as misery can be turned into a beautiful ministry?  I do.  It’s why I write to you every day.

My story is about overcoming.  It’s about long, hard fought battles.  It’s about an authentic heart.  Without an authentic heart, my story isn’t worth anything because it wouldn’t be honest.  It wouldn’t be me.  I believe that to be involved in ministry, truly involved in a way that allows God to use your story to impact the lives of others, you must be both willing and transparent.

When I read the Psalms that David wrote I can feel the authenticity of his heart.  I can feel the grief, shame, repentance, and joy that made him the beautiful child of God he was.  There was no mystery to David, and God used him mightily.  I want God to use me; it’s all I’ve ever wanted.

I know that as I’m blogging I’m obviously using my own life as an example, so it seems as if it’s all about me.  But, it’s isn’t.  I hope you know it isn’t.  I don’t want “A Girl on the Doorstep” to be about me.  I want it to be a representation of what Christ is doing in and through me. There is a difference.  I desire this blog to convey how my once shattered heart is now repaired.  I’m not without my scars, but I’m whole.  I’m here to tell you that you can also be made whole.winding-trail-mountain

As I’m walking through this time, waiting on God for whatever it is He is going to do in my life through this ministry, I am going to do it with an authentic heart.  I promise to be honest.  If you’ve been reading, then you already know me.  You know me well.

A few months ago I was out to dinner with a friend who has known me for practically my entire life.  He said he enjoyed the blog because he felt as if he was getting to know me.  He went on to say, “You witness to me.”  God brought back that conversation to my mind because it is truly the intent of this ministry.  I want to be real.  I want to tell you about Jesus, because He changed my life.  He healed my wounds and made me whole. I’m not a biblical scholar, I’m not a highly educated person; I’m just me.  I’ve lived through experiences I wouldn’t wish on anyone.  However, because of what Jesus has done in my life, I live to write about it,  speak about it, and be happy about what God has done through it.

This journey begins with an authentic heart.  It’s all part of the plan.


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