Kids With Lolly PopsYesterday, I went to school to teach music classes.  I was teaching what I thought to be a fantastically put together lesson plan about Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev, when a little boy raised his hand and said, “Hey, I got new shoes!”  Following his remark was a compliment given by a little girl who just HAD to tell me she thought my hair looked beautiful.  Before I knew it, a fanfare of flattery ensued.

These kids are clever!  At first, I found myself caught up basking in the warmth of all the affirming words (which, by the way, is my love language), and then I realized we were completely off topic and those little children were nothing more than manipulation masters masked with adorable little faces.  To reel me in, these tiny people used tactics such as hugs, high fives, and sweet words laced with the hope of throwing me off topic and receiving stickers, regardless of their behaviors.  I was the target in a kindergarten and first grade classroom conspiracy against learning about my beloved Peter and the Wolf.  Don’t worry.  I soon snapped out of the trance that was brought on by their cuteness and kindness and promptly completed the lesson.  Bwahaha!

Well, I suppose this is better than the day an adorable little boy told me I had big teeth.

Focus.  It’s entirely about focus.  I wouldn’t dare walk into a classroom without lesson plans, and I won’t dare try to fulfill the ministry God has designed for me without a plan.  There are days I might find myself bamboozled by the world, (or adorable little, teeny, tiny faces begging for lollipops and stickers) but I won’t be stopped!  I’m goal oriented.  God has a purpose for me, and I am on a mission to fulfill it.  Regardless of what the world throws my way, I resolve to keep focus.  Jesus is the focus.

Keep on keeping on, my friends!  Oh, and watch out for the lollipop gang, whoever they may be in your life…

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