Small-Group-Bible-StudyShortly, Paul and I will be leaving to meet with our small group. We will spend time studying what God says regarding marriage. I absolutely love it. I adore connecting with a handful of transparent hearts. Discovering God’s word together and holding each other accountable with eternal matters develops beautiful relationships. It is a true blessing.

Unity within the body of Christ is important to the spiritual health of the church. Creating healthy God-centered relationships promotes love, grace, and growth. Not just growth as in numbers (although that is always a promising sight), but also spiritual growth within our own hearts and lives.

We need to learn to love each other, and there is no way to do that without investing in the life of another. If you are not involved in a small group of some type, I recommend you try one. You will find encouragement on a whole new level. You will be welcomed into brand new friendships. And most importantly, you will be fervently prayed for by a small body of believers who truly care about whatever you might be facing.

I’m so thankful I became part of a small group.

Are you involved in a small group? If so, what is your favorite part about it? Why would you encourage others to become part of one?

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