Surprised woman covering mouth In Psalm 109:1 David says, “Do not keep silent, O God of my praise!

I know I can relate to David’s cry.  I have definitely had my share of situations when I felt God was silent. I’ve also had many moments in my life when I thought God had spoken loudly. Actually, He probably wasn’t loud, I was most likely quiet. Those are the moments I find God speaks to me the most, when I silence my lips and listen. (It’s tough. I love to talk.)

I’ve been thinking a lot about the topic of staying quiet. I’m not just referring to hearing God; I’m talking about hearing everyone. It’s important to actually hear what people say, so you can process what they mean, and then discuss it.

I’ve been known to get way ahead of myself. If I can relate to a topic someone is sharing I jump right in with a similarity from my own life. I don’t want to do that anymore. I’ve been feeling convicted about it.  People need to know that the person they are speaking with can hear their words. All of them.

Oftentimes, when I’m speaking to someone, I’m juggling one million different things at the same time. If I get interrupted I will most certainly lose my train of thought. Can you relate? I think most women can. We are known for multitasking.  I can get frustrated with myself when I forget what I am saying, so I don’t want to be responsible for others doing the same. I need them to know I hold each word they speak with value. I care about every thought they have, and I want to hear them. The words they are compelled to share are important. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be confiding in me.

When we talk too much, it becomes impossible to listen. When I think back to different times in my own life when I felt as if I wasn’t hearing God, or even someone tangible around me for that matter, I can often trace it to the fact that I wasn’t listening. I was talking.

Right now in my life I’m working hard to listen more and talk less. When I do speak, I want to weigh the words I choose. The tongue is unruly. Just read James chapter 3 if you need proof of that statement.  My tongue needs work, friends. Lots of work…

This morning I allowed my tongue to jump straight out in front of my brain. I’m not happy about it. Afterwards, I could just imagine Jesus standing beside me, shaking His head while saying, “Jennifer, you know the book of James well, but not well enough. Go read chapter three and then stay quiet. I have some things to share with you.”

I’m listening, Lord. I’m listening…

How many of you are struggling with this topic?



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