hiking boot blog picBecause I usually schedule my posts to go out at midnight, I generally write them the day before. This means, I write Monday’s post sometime during the day Sunday. I teach a Bible study on Monday nights, and I often have a difficult time not writing about what God is revealing to me for Monday’s study. All my Bible study sisters read my blog. If I reveal my lesson before the study, there isn’t much of a surprise factor left. It’s a challenge for me. Today, I am going to share just a tidbit of what I’m planning to tell the ladies. I feel compelled to do so. If you come to study I should probably say this is a mild SPOILER ALERT.

For several weeks, I’ve been teaching on the topic of “Fulfilling Your Ministry.” Recently, in my own life I have had to make many choices regarding ministry. I have been making book decisions, as well as trying to make choices for an upcoming overhaul concerning the image of the blog. All of these things cause me to feel overwhelmed. I tend to become completely obsessed with anything I’m passionate about. I get lost in it.

All of this has led me to the subject “When God says, ‘Go.’”  What happens when we know it is His voice we are hearing, yet we run into several hurdles with little energy to jump? Many of us give up, or at least are tempted to give up when we find ourselves in this situation. I know that when I’ve run into walls I have questioned if it was God’s voice I was hearing or my own. However, I’ve learned something…

When you read my book you will learn of the difficulties I faced to have more children. Yet, throughout the entire process, I was sure God was saying, “Go.” Writing my book and now blogging every single day is difficult, and when I feel enough people aren’t reading, I can become discouraged, but I know God has said, “Go.” It’s about reaching one for His glory.

What I have learned is this… Just because God says, “Go” does not mean we immediately walk into the promise land. When God tells us to Go, He usually also tells us to lace up our hiking boots and grab a walking stick. More than likely, we are going to trek through the wilderness before we end up in the promise land. And not only that, God wants us to learn to be content where we are. He requires us to fully depend on Who He is, regardless of our present situation. It all comes down to acceptance of His will and plan for our lives.

Can you imagine the patience Noah had to have during the process of building the ark? The children of Israel walked through the desert for 40 years. Several years passed before Joseph saw his father, Jacob (Israel) after being sold in to slavery. God continually teaches us trust. He instructs us to be fruitful in the land of our affliction regardless of our condition.

If you feel God has told you to “go” but you are stuck in the middle of a difficult terrain, it doesn’t necessarily mean you misunderstood what He has for you. It might just mean He has some lessons for you to learn along the way…

Is this food for thought? Have you found yourself in this situation?





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