ID-100129765There was no avoiding it.  The plague finally caught up to me. All of you mothers understand how it is. After being coughed, sneezed, and thrown up on, we are the last ones to be taken down. I guess it’s virtually impossible to nurse everyone back to health and have the germs escape you.

Last night at Bible study (pre-plague, by the way) we were praying about all the recent ailments claiming our friends and family. Somehow we ended up on the subject of fainting.  All of us had a memory to share.

I have one rather funny story on the topic, and since I’m not feeling well today I figure why not write something light hearted that will hopefully bring a smile to your entire countenance. Go ahead and laugh at me. I don’t mind at all…

Thirteen years ago my husband had to have nose surgery to repair a deviated septum. I struggle with anxiety; you all know this by now. My husband is amazingly strong. He can handle storms in life with Christ-like character and calm, quiet, dignity. Me… not so much.  Although I would like to say I handle situations with Christ-like character, I tend to not be so quiet throughout the process. Like a toddler, I sometimes have tantrums. This is who I am, God knows it, and He loves me anyway. Amazing.

I was feeling extremely anxious about Paul’s surgery. I love this man so much. This was his first surgery ever, and the thought of something going wrong caused fear to rise up. When the operation was completed the doctor came to tell me everything went well, and I could visit him in the recovery room within the hour.

You would think this would relieve my fear, right? Wrong! For some reason I had peace in my heart and mind, but my body was not cooperating. My heart was beating quickly, and I felt short of breath. The nurse came to lead me back into the recovery room where my husband was lying flat on his back with a huge icepack on his nose. These strange feelings I was having were intensifying by the second.

Paul asked me if I would feed him some ice chips. “Of course,” I said as I picked up the Styrofoam cup filled with ice. As I reached for the plastic spoon, I realized my vision became blurry. Most people would have admitted to not feeling well. However, I was determined that it was my job to take care of him, and I was going to do it.

I thought I was doing a bang-up-job at feeding him those ice chips. I was going to control that ugly monster known as anxiety; I would not allow it to control me. I thought, “No way! I am woman!”  Then Paul started saying things like, “Jen, you’re missing my mouth. Jen, you just hit my cheek. Jen, watch out for my nose. What’s wrong?” It turns out I was LITERALLY doing a bang-up-job. Hey, what can I say? I’m fantastic under pressure. You can see how the power of positive thinking was working in this situation.

After all the failed attempts to actually succeed at getting ice into the man’s mouth, I decided I would excuse myself to the bathroom. This way, I would be able to rest and regain some strength.

And vision…

And equilibrium…

And motor skills…

You know, all those things that are a must for independent survival.

I said to Paul, “I’m going to the restroom I’ll be right…”  That is all I got out of my mouth before I woke up on the floor to a bunch of doctors and nurses surrounding me. The next think I knew, I was on a hospital bed beside Paul and the staff was calling our room the honeymoon suite. I was also cautioned to steer clear from going into the field of medicine. No problem.  I’m a fan of people actually surviving. Under my care, the odds probably wouldn’t be so favorable.   I also had to call to have someone pick us both up at the hospital as I was unable to drive. Tell me that is not embarrassing.

Regardless of my never-ending mishaps in life, and the fever I am in bed with right now, Psalm 118:24 is how I choose to feel today and every day.

This is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. (N.K.J.V.)

Do you have any funny/embarrassing stories like this you want to share? I would love to hear them. I could use a good laugh.

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