I love when I read tweets from bloggers who are heading off to Starbucks to write. It sounds so hip, artsy, and grown-up. Though it is on my bucket list, I’ve yet to write at Starbucks. Instead, I usually work on a comfy, leather chair roomy enough to fit not only myself but also a set of preschool-aged twins. Those two adorable little ones find pleasure in jumping all over me while I attempt to accomplish my task. Please blame them for any grammatical errors. It’s entirely their fault. Well, okay, it’s only some of their fault…

I’m a blogging mom. I do try to rise early, and as Andy Traub put it so eloquently in his guest post for Jeff Goins entitled 6 Steps to Successfully Launching a Dream, I’m working on falling in love with 5:00 a.m. However, it’s hard when you have nights begging God for comfort due to sleeping with tiny elbows and knees in your back. And when I do awaken before the birds, I study my Bible first and then read other blogs. I don’t tend to be an early morning writer. My blogging inspiration seems to hit midday.

My life is completely overrun by my children and there is no hiding it.  A few weeks ago as I was ready to begin teaching a Bible study I opened up my Bible, pulled out my iPad, and reached for my writing utensil. That’s when I heard quiet laughter. They were giggling because I was using a child size, purple, Crayola Marker to write. My professional persona contains a combination of some nice technological equipment mixed with crayons, markers, safety scissors, glue, and glitter. It’s who I am right now, and I wouldn’t change it for all the quiet, creative, caffeinated moments at Starbucks in the whole wide world.

This morning, after being inspired via a podcast by Michael Hyatt, I decided to write a list of new blogging goals. I was hanging on to every word he said regarding How To Get More  Twitter Followers – Legitimately (well, as many words as I could hear with The Backyardigans blaring in the background.) when I realized I was taking notes with a crayon. I laughed out loud at myself. blog-crayonI’m working faithfully at pursing the dream God has placed in my heart. Yes, I want to write, but I am a mother first. Like every other blogging mama out there, I put motherhood before blogging. BUT I STILL BLOG. I will not silence my calling. I’ve just needed to find a way to fuse it all together. Since I began my blog, six months ago, I have been working hard to find a cohesive blend.

Originally, I put a lot of pressure on myself to be the best at both by thinking I had to separate the two worlds. (Just take a look back at the archives to see the grammar glisten in my posts with what I like to call… almost perfection) I was investing more time than was reasonable, and dependent on others to look over every word with a fine-toothed comb. I was afraid of mistakes. Afraid to be me. That approach couldn’t continue to work for my current lifestyle. I quickly learned I cannot make a separation of worlds. Instead, I’m gaining the knowledge I need to combine them together. I’m coloring both worlds with creativity which flows through love and laughter from all three of my children, my husband, and most importantly, My God. I’m allowing Christ to use every area of my life to make a difference in the lives of others. I’m not putting my dreams aside; I’m welcoming an integration of worlds to fan the flame in my heart.

My aim today is to tell you this…

If you have a dream in your heart that has been placed there by God, then go for it. Work at finding the balance at blending your worlds. Always keep your children first, but learn to set the scales to make time for your calling. It does involve letting go of a perfectionist mentality, but that is another post for another day.

You can do this! I know you can!

Are you trying to find your balance? What is your story?

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