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Disclaimer: If you have a weak stomach this may not be the post for you to read. IMG_1892 Both of my twins are pleasant and fun to be around. They have a way with words that causes sidesplitting laughter from their completely unbiased parents. I have to admit, they are at the stage in life where they are intelligent enough to make enjoyable jokes. And we deem every word which flows out of their angelic, little mouths as nothing short of perfection. Except when my daughter’s attitude models age 4 going on age 14…

They are wonderful travelers. I should elaborate… They are wonderful travelers who have to pee every 30 minutes or less. Who knows, if this keeps up I will have enough research to write an eBook in which I will review all the rest stops on interstate I-80 west. I was particularly impressed with one that exists somewhere in the blur that the entire state of Iowa was to me. It was sparkling clean…

Don’t get me wrong. Iowa was lushly green and beautiful with farmhouses and lovely red barns. It’s just that every time I wanted to focus on the serenity that surrounded my picturesque view I heard, “Mommy, I have to go potty!”

Because of all the potty breaks we are running just a tad bit behind schedule. We had intended to make up the time by driving a little longer tonight. That is until my husband decided to let Sammy play Subway Surfers on his phone. It induced a classic case of car sickness. We have a large cup set aside for these types of instances. (Note the picture above. That big red cup in the background is what my children refer to as the “puke cup.”) I couldn’t find it. Somewhere in between taking the above picture and the episode I am about to describe, it went missing.

So, as fast as I could, but not fast enough, I grabbed for my cup which was still a quarter way full of iced tea. (By the way, I’ve decided I’m taking a little break from iced tea.) He vomited into my cup . This would have worked out fine. However, while we were deciding how long it would take us to arrive at the next rest stop, (you know, in our tour of rest stops) we heard Sam’s little voice yell, “Oh no, I spilled, I spilled” My first thought was, “Dear God, anything but that wretched iced tea cup!”

There was no divine miracle for us concerning the spill…

This caused us to have to stop for an hour to clean the van and purchase a strawberry smelling air-freshener in hopes to give the foul odor a somewhat fruity smell.

Needless to say, there was no late night driving for us. The only words I could form were, “Please get me to a Hotel or an airport… and step on it!” (Of course, this was after we visited yet another rest stop.)

And can you believe that a one night stay in a hotel with four year old twins warrants this amount of luggage?!? Grace-w_LuggageIn the book of Lamentations the Lord promises new mercies every morning. I am so counting on a large dose of brand, spanking, new mercy tomorrow morning!

Day two complete…

The End!

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