It has been a whirlwind of a week. We drove from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Anaheim, California and joined our family in Disneyland. We had a wonderful couple days. Today, we will be driving up to Sacramento to spend the week at my Mother-in-law’s home before making the long voyage back East.

It seems that each new day God does something to remind me of His amazing faithfulness in my life. Yesterday was no exception. If you’ve been reading for any length of time, then you know I had a stillborn daughter. I carried her for nearly 35 weeks. The pregnancy was completely normal until something unexpected and dreadful went wrong with her umbilical cord. Our lives were forever changed.

Yesterday marked 17 years to the day that we found out her little heart had stopped beating. Today, July 2nd, would have been her birthday. But God makes ALL things new! He makes the crooked ways straight. For years following the passing of my baby daughter I suffered what seemed to be an impossible situation: infertility. The doctors gave me little hope for another child but after many long years, I had twins. They are the definition of God’s mercy in my life…

Yesterday, as I sat in the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique watching my little girl become Cinderella and my sweet little boy become a knight, my eyes filled up with tears that spilled over. Only God can be responsible for such miracles.

Me and sam at California adventureSam_and_Grace_Knight_Princess2Grace at Bibbid Bobbidi Boutique


If you are in a hopeless situation, stand on the foundation of the One and Only True Hope. He is our defender, and His name is Jesus.

God will give you the strength to fight your battle, and you can and will overcome on His terms. Hope dies a little each day when we try to handle difficult situations our own way. Hope lives when we depend on Christ.

Learning to praise God while in the waiting will end up becoming your lifeline to true hope. (Click to tweet.)

Recently, I was reminded of a quote from Joni Eareckson. She said, “Sometimes God allows what He hates to accomplish what He loves.” She would know, and I couldn’t agree more.

Our human eyes cannot always comprehend the why’s and what’s of His plan. And to know the answers wouldn’t even help us because it is beyond our understanding. As long as we continue to build on His solid foundation, then regardless of the outcome, we will survive the storm.

I’m praying for you!

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