A Girl on the doorstep

A Girl on the doorstep

It’s Five Minute Friday and the word prompt is story.  I’m joining Lisa-Jo Baker and a brave group of women who write with abandon every week. Today, I must admit, I took longer than 5 minutes.

When I started this blogging journey I wasn’t sure what to expect. I did not realize the new people I would meet, learn about, and pray for with each new day. My only aim was simply to begin telling my story.

I quickly realized I couldn’t blog every single day about my journey with infertility and pregnancy loss. Yes, God was calling me to encourage those who were once where I was, but He also wanted to make my blog a daily devotional – A space where women could come and feel encouraged.  Mother Teresa said, “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”  My goal is to spread love.

The portion of my story that led me to this journey began with my first miscarriage and intensified as I went on to suffer four subsequent miscarriages and a stillborn daughter.  I’ve been through the grief process.  I’ve questioned myself, doctors, and even God.

I’ve received some answers but learned along the way that it isn’t necessary to have them all. Answers can’t change what already happened. I’m not meant to know all things, only God is to have that information. He created me; He can take my life and do as He wills. Through it all, I’ve learned to trust. I know what faith really is, and I’ve seen the supernatural hand of God work in my life.

Think about it, if you picked up a book to read and it was happy and peaceful the entire way through the story line, you would probably find it boring. Our stories are all interesting and worth something because of the ups and downs we encounter. (Mostly the downs…) We learn through those times. We allow God to speak to us in desperate moments. Our hearts become soft and pliable allowing Him to sculpt a great work.

The two things you need to know about your story…

  1. You need to think of your story as a great work of God, because you are a great work of God. (Tweet that.)
  2. You are precious in His sight and created to give Him glory.

Recently, God’s been speaking mercy to my heart. His mercy is what gave me the ability to tell my story. And learning to show other people mercy by showing His love is what is on my heart. I have my first eBook, Mercy Waits, coming out on August 20th. It’s a 31 day devotional based on giving and receiving mercy.

My story is still being written. He’s using the difficult chapters of my past to aid in writing future chapters.

Through my story God continues to say, “Trust me.” What is He saying to you through your story?




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