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“Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net”

We are all walking through seasons. They come one at a time. Some are easy, others not so easy. Why? Because sometimes life is frayed around the edges. And there are times when the fray is all knotted up and then molehills turn into mountains with a fog of desperation so thick that it clouds all reason. Oftentimes, we have no idea where our seasons will lead us. We only pray when we reach the unknown land that it will be calmer and kinder than where we were before.

Are you in the middle of a difficult season? Are you praying for a better place than where you are now?

It was late at night, and I insisted he go home. He was tired and beaten up by the day. My friend was there also. Both of their heads were leaning against my cold hospital bed. We were surrounded by grief. I was weak. They were helpless.

The two weeks before were glorious. Finally, I was pregnant and the early ultrasound showed that the baby looked great. There was a little heart beating and everything was as it should have been. We had our miracle and it was nothing short of heaven sent.

I don’t know why it happened. The physicians didn’t have a clue. I stood up just in time to feel what no pregnant woman should have to feel. And the blood wouldn’t stop. There would be no baby. My life hung in the balance…

I had no idea that the season I was in would lead me here – to a new place where my pain would turn into a passion to give you hope.

When I was in that desperate place, I read all the promises. I knew that all things were supposed to work together for my good. I was in love with Christ. I felt like I was holding up my end. I was doing what the word said. It didn’t feel like He was holding up His end, or that anything would ever be for my good. That is when I learned the most valuable lesson in dealing with grief. It didn’t matter how I felt, I needed to keep believing.

He was working.


And right now, He is working overtime for you!

You have to hold onto the promises of the Almighty to be able to stare grief in the face and win. (Tweet that.)

Grief can be blinding. It can cover your heart from seeing what your eyes and mind will always have difficulty comprehending.

His grace.

His manifold blessings within the wind and rain.

His mercy.

Right now, in the place you reside, to trust for the next season might seem easier said than done. However, you can trust for the next small step – the one that leads you closer to where you belong. You can hold onto a hope that will always remain victorious regardless of where you stand right now.

The only way to give your heart faith to see is to believe in His plan and purpose for your life. (Click to tweet.)

Psalm 27:13

I would have lost heart, unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord In the land of the living. (N.K.J.V.)

When you believe in His will for your life, you will have the strength to take the next small step.

I’m praying for you!



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