Yesterday, I started a short series about finding mercy, blessing, and the beautiful pieces of what lies within the battles we face. Today, I’ve linked up with Crystal Stine for Behind the Scenes. I’m sharing part 2 of my post, and showing you, in picture form, some divine mercy in my life.

I’ve been thinking about you. Yes, you! I know how hard I’ve had to battle throughout different circumstances in my life. And I know some of you, as you read this, are in the middle of some very heavy battles right now. It’s important that you realize you are not alone.

Whenever we battle difficult situations, we can easily become over sensitive to negative emotions. Insecurity, abandonment, and jealousy issues seep inside. We feel lonely, but it is usually because we put ourselves in a lonely place. We think there is no one else who can identify, so we battle single-handedly. And, oftentimes, against ourselves without even realizing it.

I want to say three things to you.

  1. You were not meant to battle alone  (Ecclesiastes 4:9-11)
  2.  Find yourself a Barnabas; you need to surround yourself with truth and encouragement. (Acts 4:32-36)
  3. You HAVE to look for mercy. (Genesis 39:20-22) Joseph was in prison, yet God gave him favor right where he was. He had to endure for awhile, but God poured out a thick blanket of mercy to comfort him during his stay.

God will always provide exactly what is needed while fighting on the frontlines of the battlefield. We have to learn to push aside pride and call out for prayer, strength, and encouragement from those the Lord has strategically placed into our lives. Mercy WILL flow through that precious provision.

Now, I want to share with you some mercy the Lord has sent me…   Me-and-Kathy-blog-picMe-and-Star-blog-pic

These are two amazing encouragers in my life! It would be impossible for me to show everyone who brings me such joy, and I don’t have photo permission from them either, and we all know how important picture approval is! However, I do want to highlight Kathy and Star. two people (Without photo approval. Yikes!) who God uses to speak love, encouragement, and mercy into my life. They are on completely different sides of the country, and have both helped see me through some very dark days….

What about you? I would love to hear who encourages you! Feel free to give them a shout out today! And then… thank Jesus for them. He provided them especially for you!

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