MercyWaitsCover 300It is time for Five Minute Friday with Lisa-Jo Baker where an amazing community of brave and beautiful women writes unedited for five minutes flat. I’m rejoicing at the word prompt this week and for those of you who know what has been on my heart recently, then you will understand why. The prompt is…


The word mercy… It holds power, truth, love, grace, compassion, and worth all in its name. Mercy changes lives and softens hearts. It gives and keeps on giving. Mercy never ends. It’s new every day.

The authority this word holds has been burned on my soul for the last two years. God has been showing me the new life that pours from it. And then He wasn’t shy when He whispered to my heart, “I expect you to give mercy also. Don’t let your mercy wait. Don’t hold back. When you hold back mercy from others you shackle yourself. You were meant to be free. So give it. Give mercy.”

I kept finding myself in one situation after another where I knew He expected me to give mercy. I felt tested and tried. I had to give it regardless of how I had been treated. To pour it out no matter how I felt.

Do you know why? Because it doesn’t’ matter how I feel. Obedience is all that matters. I need to be obedient to the God who gave me the ultimate form of mercy.

Mercy Hung high on a tree to carry my wrongs, when He never committed one wrong. Ever.

So, I wrote an eBook. It is a 31 day devotional titled, Mercy Waits. It is a guide to giving and receiving mercy. If you are interested, you can find out how to get it for free here.

Allowing my mercy to flow freely has changed my life. It really has.

Also, I could never end this post without talking about Mercy House. Those lovely ladies from (In)Courage spilled out mercy all over the place in Kenya. I am honored to be able to say I contributed, and you can too. You can read all about it here.

Have a beautiful weekend, Friends. And, please… don’t let your mercy wait.



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