God-Sized-Dreams-by-Holley-Gerth-cover-662x1024This last year has been one of newness for me. I’ve been stepping out of my box like never before and pursuing the things God has called me to do. As the days turn into weeks and weeks into months, my life is filling with fresh opportunities and wonderful people that I didn’t even know existed before.

Even throughout writing and meeting new people via the blogging world, the best part of my days are  moments with my husband and children. They are my number one mission and we all know that while we pursue our dreams and goals, priorities must stay in check.

Because of all this, dates on my calendar can blur from one to the next. This morning I recognized the date and my heart skipped a beat. Thursday, September 19th will be my one year blogiversary! (Tomorrow! I know… I’m flying by the seat of pants on this one!)

Months ago, I had planned for this to be a wonderful and grand celebration via the online world. (I’m not really sure what that means, but I’m a dreamer, so keep that in mind.) However, since I am a wife and mom of three, which includes 4 year old twins and a plate full of other responsibilities, I had almost forgotten it altogether. I’m so glad I remembered!

It’s hard to find words to say how thankful I am that so many of you have come through this space to visit my words over the last year. I’m looking so forward to all the Lord has in the coming year for us. I want to be an inspiration and encouragement to women. I hope to share all God has done, will do, and can do in the lives of every reader.

But sometimes it isn’t easy…

Writing books, figuring out the best process of release, blogging, and all the other million parts that are intricately connected in the world of pursuing this new ministry and dream can be tiring some days. Doubt can creep in and begin to eat away the foundation I’ve been trying to build. However, when that happens, the Lord brings to mind beautiful, Christ like, inspirational quotes from people who have spoken into my life (many don’t even know me personally). This is what comes to mind today…

Author Holley Gerth has an amazing and godly book entitled, You’re Made for a God-Sized Dream.  Nearing the end of chapter 8 she says this, “More dreams die by self-inflicted wounds than any other kind. God is for you… and it’s time for you to be too.”

I’m not sure about you, but I spend a lot of time questioning everything I write, say, and teach. I’m entirely too critical of myself, and I’m learning to come through it. I’ve made huge progress this year, and if you deal with the same issues, you can too!

Where God has called you, He will not leave you!

Drum roll please… in honor of my blogiversary, I want to give away a copy of this powerful book by Holley Gerth, which has spoken into my life in so many ways. She also just released a companion devotional titled, Opening the Door to Your God-Sized Dream. And guess what? I’m going to give both books away together! Once you get a taste of the words that flow from Holley, you won’t be able to put her books down. I promise! She is a true encourager and mighty woman of God! Opening-the-Door-to-Your-God-sized-Dream-Cover-by-Holley-Gerth

To enter, all you have to do is leave me a comment in the comment box. If you would like to have your entry doubled, you can subscribe to my blog. If you are already a subscriber, then share on social media about my blogiversary giveaway and let me know. I will double your entry as well!

I wish I could give a copy of these books to each of you. If you don’t win, I hope you purchase a copy.  They will impact your life and you WILL be blessed!

Have a beautiful day, and if you would like information on how to receive my eBook Mercy Waits, click here…

I will be announcing the winner tomorrow, Thursday, September 19th! Woo-Hoo!!!!




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