DSCN2052The waves from the ocean roll to the shore. Sometimes in a quicker succession than we would like. There isn’t as much time to catch our breath in between them. We are knocked down by the power of the water and fight our way back up.

Three pairs of sunglasses – that is how many I lost in the ocean last year. I was laughing and talking with family while playing in the sea and when a wave would come I would dive under. Just as I would reemerge to the surface an unexpected and furious new one would be waiting for me. Down I would go and the glasses would topple and sink somewhere into the great unknown.

What do your glasses represent? What have you lost?

Sometimes, during the consistent battle of waves we encounter in life, we lose something. It might be a loved one, financial stability, or something else, but the wave holds too much power and we can’t grasp on.

No matter what you’ve already lost, please don’t ever lose your hope…

If sunglasses represent what was lost then what represents what was gained?

Well, after my sunglasses sunk into the dark and deep, I stood up. I was out of breath and beaten up by the fury of the sea, but I stood up. And then, I went back to fighting the waves. Why? Because the waves don’t stop and if you don’t keep fighting you will sink right along with those glasses. You can’t allow that to happen.

The battle is necessary. It’s where grace lives and mercy covers. It’s where we find out who we are. And, most importantly, it’s the place where God is glorified. The battle, as hard as it is, represents hope. We don’t hold knowledge of the outcome, so we grip tight to the hope of victory. It aids in survival. Survival by a Savior.  And when you don’t lose hope, then victory is always possible. It might come in a different way and time, but it will come.

So, if the waves are fast and breaking overhead today, let me leave you with this…

Grace lives in the deepest, darkest seas. Mercy washes the soul that is tumbling along the bottom to the shore. Hope is the strength by which we are able to stand back up.

The sunglasses might be lost, but you, my friend, you will stand!




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