31Days_toSurvivingthebattle-125x125 You might be wondering, “31 Days?!? What does that mean?”

Well, over the next 31 days, I’m writing on one topic. I will link up with the Nester and hundreds of other writers who will do the same.

Recently, I’ve had four words on my heart: The battle is necessary.

I’ve spoken about it in recent blog posts, and for the next 31 days I’ve decided to share some hidden chapters of my own heart and battle with you.

If you’ve ever battled against stillbirth, miscarriage, or infertility, then you will especially be interested in this series.

If you are battling some other form of grief, everything I’ve written will apply to you as well.

I’m looking forward to sharing some new details of my life with you. I hope you will join me! Firework blog picture


 [Introduction: Day 1]

As I awaken this early morning I cannot help but think of you – where you may be in life and what your day might hold.

I pray over the details that only God knows about you – your family, friends, health, and spiritual and emotional wellbeing. But most of all, I pray that you’ll know the only One who can satisfy your soul.

We can never be sure of what each new day will bring, but we can be sure of His faithfulness. Psalm 92:2 challenges us to make some declarations:

To declare Your lovingkindness in the morning,
and Your faithfulness every night.

Psalm 92:2 (NKJV)

Those are powerful declarations, friends.

Declaring who He is with His own Word is power. We can hold God to His Word because it’s unchangeable. He is unchangeable. There is authority in the sacred text of the Bible. It gives us life. It’s the recipe from which hope is made. It uncovers promises and pure truth.

There isn’t much that is pure anymore. Everything is tainted by something. But the words in that beautiful book are living. They even dwell inside the bitter places. They release the power of sweetness inside the soul. The words on the pages of the Bible have a purpose. They long to knit your heart with His.

And there is hidden beauty in trusting what you cannot see. (Tweet that)

There is Beauty inside the battle. Over the next 31 days we are heading into the trenches together. We are going to find the beauty within the battle – the beauty that longs to free your soul. The beauty which leads to survival…

So, what do you say? Will you meet me back here tomorrow?

My 31 Day Agenda:

Day 2: Entering the Battlefield

Day 3: Taking Action

Day 4: Learned Behavior

Day 5: We Are Not Forgotten

Day 6: The Enemy of Confusion

Day 7: Fear and Anxiety

Day 8: Learning to Accept Love

Day 9: Speak Grace

Day 10: Infiltration of Bitterness

Day 11: Prayer

Day 12: Coming Alive Again

Day 13: Purposing to Survive

Day 14: Why Thanksgiving is One of the Most Powerful Weapons You Own

Day 15: Seeking to See the Plan

Day 16: You Have a Ministry Inside the Battle

Day 17: For When You Feel You Can’t Make It

Day 18: Encouraging Others through Your Battle

Day 19: You Never Know Who is Watching

Day 20: Why You Need Help

Day 21: Joy Will Flow

Day 22: Sincere Praise

Day 23: Trust Leads to Triumph

Day 24: Hope Endures

Day 25: Stillness for Your Soul

Day 26: Finding Peace

Day 27: Establishing Your Heart

Day 28: Tainted Dreams and Truth

Day 29: Taking Fear Captive

Day 30: Pursuing the Victor

Day 31: True Surrender for the Win!


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