Firework photoIt’s Five Minute Friday! I know I’m participating in a 31 day series, and at the worry of clogging up your in-boxes, I just couldn’t pass up writing on this prompt. I hope you identify with what I have to say today.

If you don’t know what Five Minute Friday is, then just click here for details. The prompt today is the word ordinary.


Many years ago I thought I wanted more than the typical flow of everyday life. I became tired of the “boring” path my life was taking. But then tragedy struck.

I quickly realized the mundane tasks of each day are beautiful and sufficient for my soul. They were handed to me as part of the make-up of who I am by a creator who doesn’t make mistakes of any kind.

Often we take life for granted because it is what society as a whole promotes. We are never satisfied with our bodies, intelligence levels, spouses, or even children.  And forget about material things- we seem to be conditioned to strive for more and more with complete absence of satisfaction.

When I lost my baby daughter to stillbirth and suffered back-to-back miscarriages (with one of them almost costing me my life) and then years of infertility, I realized there is beauty in the ordinary.

Why? Because our lives may seem “ordinary” to us, but they really aren’t at all. They can’t be.

God stamped us for His glory. Our ordinary is His art: It’s His masterpiece of a plan waiting to unfold. And sometimes it’s us who are holding the plan back, because we are striving for more instead of coloring in the lines of who we are meant to be.

As long as my ordinary is God’s, and I’m living fully for Him and who He wants me to be, then friends, I’m loving the ordinary.  And guess what?  I’m trusting in it as well.

It’s a beautiful adventure meant for only me to live!

Live your ordinary to its fullest, friends! It was designed for you alone…

Have a beautiful weekend!



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