Ocean sunrise photoBe an encourager regardless of your situation.

There is little more beneficial than taking our eyes off ourselves in the middle of a battle and serving someone else. Too much focus on our own hardships can lead us backward and off course instead of straight ahead toward the victory.

But command Joshua, and encourage him and strengthen him;
for he shall go over before this people,
and he shall cause them to inherit the land which you will see.

– Deuteronomy 3:28 (NKJV)

God told Moses that he would not be the one to lead the Israelites into the Promised Land – and that Joshua would do it instead. He then gave Moses the charge of encouraging Joshua in this process.

This could not have been easy. Moses was on a tough battleground at this point – not just physically, but emotionally too. He would never cross over into the Promised Land, and he was commanded instead to encourage the man who would do the job he originally thought was his. Ouch!

It isn’t easy to encourage and bless other people when they receive something that you desperately want for yourself, but you must. Encouragement through our own trials is one key to survival. I have found that it leads to blessing and fulfillment in many areas.

I’m going to end today with an excerpt from my upcoming book, Nothing to Hold but Hope. It is the story of my journey through stillbirth, miscarriage, and infertility, and this excerpt fits with today’s battle theme:

I was a support person in the delivery room with my sister-in-law for the birth of all five of her children. During her first three deliveries, I was trying desperately to become pregnant. Throughout her first pregnancy, I was on fertility medications. It was extremely difficult for me to commit to be there for her, but I was being obedient to what I know God wanted to use me for. Through it, He brought healing.


It will never be easy to go to someone else’s baby shower when you feel empty due to a loss, or because you are struggling with infertility. I know that it isn’t, because I did it.  It is horrible to put a smile on the outside and pretend everything is fine while screaming and crying on the inside. But don’t ignore the invitations; go to the showers and hospital visits. Be whatever support that is required of you at the time. Be obedient and be blessed. Have faith and overcome.

I don’t know what your specific battle is, but whatever it is, someday you will be faced with the chance to minister, encourage, support, and show kindness to someone who needs you. That person may already have what you are desperate to have for yourself. Regardless, be obedient and just watch what God does in your life. He never disappoints!



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