Photo Credit: Free Digital

Photo Credit: Free Digital

It is time for Five Minute Friday again! The word prompt is Laundry.

I’ve said in my blog before that there have been days when my laundry pile is high enough for experienced climbers to train for Everest. I know it seems like a dramatic statement, but I have often felt that the laundry is my own personal mountain to climb, move, or to just lie down face first upon and wave a white sock above my head in surrender.

I was incredibly impressed with Lisa-Jo Baker’s laundry initiative this week. I was wondering if for even just a second she might have thought her task and burden to help a people desperate in need felt like Everest.

I’ve been reading a lot about the whole idea of building a platform and what that means. There have been times my stomach feels in knots over it because it can easily turn into a process of someone holding their hand up high screaming, “Me, Me, ME!!! HEY, IT’S ALL ABOUT ME!”

And then I realize there is a huge difference between a “worldly platform” and a Godly platform. When bloggers with large platforms are obedient to God and use their influence to bring fresh water to communities in third world countries, then I see a new perspective on what a platform is truly meant to be.

I see platforms built on the rock of Jesus, not self.

I see beauty and community pull together to give and pour out in a way that will wash people clean in love and hope that comes from Christ.

What I’ve learned this week: Platform doesn’t have to be an ugly word, when the platform is founded on Christ.

If you want to learn more about Lisa-Jo’s Laundry initiative please click here.

Have a beautiful Friday!



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