Colossians photoI teach a women’s Bible study. Last month I began to share on the book of Colossians. As I began an in-depth study of the book, I knew I had to take my learning a step farther, so I began to memorize the third chapter. And then I challenged the women who attend to do the same.

What I’ve noticed, is that it isn’t the memorizing that is the most difficult part of this study: it’s the conviction to take this knowledge and then live it.

The reason chapter three speaks so profoundly to me is because there is action required throughout the text. The Apostle Paul tells us what to “take off” and “put on.” He is clear about what we are to seek and set our minds upon. Chapter three is a solid foundation for how to live and treat others.

Is there anyone out there who will shout amen when I say it is extremely difficult to put on tender mercy when someone has wounded you? Have any of you ever struggled with putting off anger and wrath?

As fast as I admit to you how difficult this process is, I’m reminded of the fruit of this beautiful Colossians endeavor.

When my life doesn’t go as planned or someone interferes with my peace through inflicting pain, I remember the words in this beautiful chapter. I think hard about the choices I make regarding the situations with which I’m faced. I’m making progress through the guidance of the Word.

I’m hearing other women who are studying with me make statements such as, “I know I need to put on kindness.” and “I’m putting off filthy language.” The instructions throughout Colossians are coming to life in our hearts, and I’m excited to not only experience it myself, but to witness it in other lives.

So today, I want to challenge you to read Colossians three. Maybe even consider memorizing it. If you are working toward active change in your heart and life, digging deep into the word of God never disappoints.

Have you ever memorized a passage in the Bible that made a significant change in your heart and life? Would you care to share?



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