A Brand New Announcment!Last month, I attended the Allume Conference. It is a Christian, women’s, blogging conference filled with writers who want to further their craft as well as deepen relationships.

I went away for the weekend expecting to come back with great contacts and ideas designed to help me reach more readers. Instead, I came home confused.

Please don’t misunderstand me. The weekend was filled with friendly faces, great food, and speakers with giant hearts for Jesus. The conference owner, Logan Wolfram, is amazing and it was evident to me that her calling wasn’t about a fancy conference at a swanky hotel with known authors and speakers. It was very clear her calling was to make it possible for more than 450 women to gather together and be ministered to in a brand new way. Logan was obedient to the living God.

And it made me think…

Have I been obedient?

God put an idea on my heart almost a year ago. I’ve been afraid to step out of my box and begin the process of making the idea become a reality. When I was at Allume I experienced conviction about being afraid to act on what God has called me to do.

You see, the last year has been filled with an overwhelming amount of newness. I started a blog, turned the big 4-0, wrote a book, and started writing and teaching a women’s Bible study. I didn’t expect any of this, but I have crossed WAY over the line of comfort and let people in to my life differently than I ever intended or imagined. This is why pursuing something else brings a fair amount of panic.

I struggle with what success really looks like, and my largest conviction is that I often fight saying, “yes” to the things God has called me to do because of how others might view me. And then I was reminded of a Bible story we often see from childlike eyes. (I’m only sharing one small part. If you want to read the whole story, I love the version in Luke chapter 19.)

Zacchaeus wanted to see Jesus. However, because of his short stature and large crowds, he couldn’t. He knew which way Jesus would be traveling through town, so he ran ahead of the crowd and climbed up a tree. Sure enough Jesus came by, called his name, and told him to hurry down from the tree because He was going to his house. Zacchaeus wasn’t really sure who Jesus was, but he knew he had to see him.

Reading this familiar story has convicted me. I try hard to listen and do what God tells me, (He’s the reason I write this blog) but I easily become caught in a familiar web of seeing how others react to what I’ve done, and I have a bad habit of gauging success from that. Instead, I need to act on what God tells me to do and then run and climb that tree only caring about seeing Him and how He views me. I need to remember that my worth should be wrapped up in what He thinks, not others.

Zacchaeus expected nothing in return. He had no idea Jesus would call his name and come to his home. He only wanted to see who Jesus was. With all my heart, I want to do the same. I want to pursue seeing Jesus through obedience to His call on my life with no expectations and nothing in return. And that, my friends, is no easy task for this flesh I fight on a daily basis.

So today, I’m abandoning fear and sharing the next step in this ministry God has called me to.  I’m announcing the Mercy Waits Women’s Retreat.

A weekend filled with mercy, renewal, and refreshment for women who are seeking time to connect with others and pursue Christ’s call on their lives.

This retreat will take place sometime in the summer or early fall of 2014. Details will be announced at the start of the New Year. I have a wonderful group of Christian women who will be serving to make this retreat possible.

If you are local to the Pittsburgh area and would like to request information on attendance, please email me at jen@agirlonthedoorstep.com or leave a comment on the blog.

Will you join us?



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