San fran blogphotoHow often do you feel as if God placed a specific dream in your heart, and you wait, mull over what could go wrong, push it aside, and refuse to act upon it?

I spent a large portion of my life doing exactly that: fearing the outcome of what could be instead of welcoming it. As I approached the age of 40 I threw caution to the wind and began to actually allow people to see what I write. I started encouraging women to chase hard after the things of God. I began to share my dreams with the world.

I stopped hiding behind the worries of what others might think. I started to uncover confidence in the woman I am now as opposed to the insecure girl I once was. I’m breaking out of the box, and I’m not sure I’ve ever been so excited about new possibilities and opportunities.

Stepping out of the box and saying, “Yes” to God takes courage. This is because the outcome isn’t always as we envision it. In the world’s eyes we could look like failures if we don’t reach record numbers of people, but God see’s the goal reached when we touch the one life He designed us to touch. Perspective is key, and learning not to fear what God’s perspective and intentions are for us is a huge lesson.

I’ve decided I want to be free with my dreams. That means doing the work to pursue them and realizing that regardless of the outcome, God is in control.

I’m learning that true contentment comes from acting out of obedience without anticipating, expecting, or requiring a reward. (Tweet that)

Last night at Bible study, I reiterated something to the women that I have been saying a lot recently. I’ve also said it on the blog, but I think it’s important to mention it again.

  • You are enough because God is MORE than enough!
  • You have worth, because God is worthy!
  • Your life was designed with a purpose, because God is purposeful and has created you intentionally for His delight. You are meant to be here!

In January, I will be announcing the date and venue for the Mercy Waits retreat! I’ve decided that Tuesday’s will be the day I talk a little bit about the retreat on the blog. I want to keep you in the loop. I hope you are as excited as I am! Next Tuesday, I will be announcing something exciting!!!!! Woo-hoo!

By the way, I’ve received email from people who are interested in attending from out of town! I’m so blessed by this! If you are not local to the Pittsburgh area, but want to attend, we will be so happy to welcome you with open arms! God is moving!

More about all of this next week!



PS: If you missed the first announcement regarding the retreat, just click here.








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