Star and I text photoToday is Five Minute Friday with Lisa-Jo Baker, and the word prompt is fly.


If you want to fly, you have to endure the process of taking off.

It’s different than standing on top of a mountain, leaping with arms wide open and discovering all the wonder of the world God created.

The viewpoint from the ground is much different. It takes work to propel yourself in the direction of upward motion. And there is also a lot of energy expended through the worry of a possible crash and burn scenario.

For the first time in my life, I’m living audaciously. I’m taking off and beginning the process of flying. It’s not because I’m able, clearly I’m not, it’s because God is able. And for some insane reason He seems to have plans for me, which include a group of women (and one amazing husband) who are going hard after all the things He has planted in my heart. We are now sharing a dream. It’s pretty fantastic.

If you are going to put yourself out there and work to “fly,” then you need a flight crew: a fearless group of people who don’t just watch you attempt “crazy” but actually go there with you.

I’m blessed to have that. And as I’m spending time editing and reediting books I’ve already written, planning retreats, and saying, “yes” to God, I’m not doing it alone.

You can’t either.

I want to encourage you to share your vision and dreams. Share your burdens and prayer petitions. Allow God to surround you with a group of encouragers who can support you through your ups and downs.

Taking off can often be turbulent, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Let go of your fears. To get where God has called you, you will probably have to fly…

Happy Friday!



PS: If you want to know what dreams I’m sharing with my “flight crew,” you can read about that here.

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