stone church photoThroughout the year 2013, God pounded mercy in to my heart. During the days, He shouted the words loudly until they shook my soul. At night, He whispered mercy to me as I slept. He reminded me that His mercy will always be mine for the taking. And then He told me to give it away.

I couldn’t hold mercy back. I had to give it freely. Out of anger, joy, and even pain, I had to learn to give when it hurt the most.

In those moments, I discovered that it is His mercy which allows grace to wipe the slate clean. Mercy breathes freedom to our souls. Giving mercy to someone else molds us in to more of who He longs for us to be.

The year 2013 was what I call “The Mercy Process” in my life.  And believe me, I’m still in process and will be until my days on this earth are done. Yet, this past year, He worked deep inside my life in a brand new way. And fruit came from it.

I wrote an eBook entitled, Mercy Waits and then over time I experienced a series of events, which led me to my next project: a women’s retreat based on Mercy.

Have you ever had an idea and then had trouble discerning if it was something you wanted or God? To tell you the truth, that was how I was feeling about the retreat. I was uncertain. However, God quickly began to open doors and give confirmation that only He can give. And then I knew…

For those of you waiting for an update, we have secured a venue. You’re going to love it! At the beginning of January I will be announcing details regarding a weekend away in September. Every day new doors are opening.

I’m excited to see what God holds for all of us in 2014.

As you reflect on the past year, what was it that God taught you in 2013?

Will you consider joining me and some wonderful speakers for a weekend of mercy-filled fun and relaxation in September?

I sure hope so!

Let not mercy and truth forsake you; Bind them around your neck, Write them on the tablet of your heart…

-Proverbs 3:3

Enjoy your weekend, friends!





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