Go Give GraphicFive Minute Friday is back! The word prompt is fight.


I’ve heard it said, “Anything worth having is worth fighting for.” Even though I agree those words are true, I have to admit, sometimes I become tired of fighting for myself and the things I want.  Don’t you?

Fighting battles in life can cause us to expend a great amount of energy. When we wage war, we tend to focus on ourselves while constantly worrying about the outcome. If we aren’t careful, me, myself, and I become a huge issue.

Sometimes, the best way to heal from our own battle wounds is to fight for someone else. (Tweet that)

How can we do this?

My God-Sized dream for 2014 is to fight for other people by doing what Christ commands me to do in John 13:34-35 – Love them.

I want to love people well. And I think a great place to start is though generosity. I want people to know they are worth a gift. They have value. When we give even something small we have opportunity to turn a not-so-good day into a great day. We can fight for someone else by brightening their day with kindness. Kindness can unlock hope!

I’ve started a challenge for 2014. It’s called Go Give. I believe we can rise up a community of givers and show the love of Christ through one act of kindness each month – 12 challenges throughout 2014 to take us through the year with purpose.

We have worth because Christ is worthy, and this is a great opportunity to show His love.

Do you want to know details about the 2014 Go Give Challenge? If so, click here.






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