The Mercy Retreat_fullSizeHey! It’s Five Minute Friday with Lisa-Jo Baker and the prompt today is the word Hero!

According to the Merriam Webster online dictionary, a hero is a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities.

Boy, that word brave just keeps hollering to me. If you spend any time around here then you know my one word is brave, and that I’ve made an acronym out of the word.


Ready and


Vying for

Everything God wants to do in my heart and through my life.

God has called me to carry out some huge ministry events this year, and He wants me to be brave. However, the most wonderful part is that he hasn’t called me to do it alone. He has provided and equipped some wonderful women to work alongside me. They remind me of the mark Christ has engraved on my heart and continually push me to keep going. Even when it’s hard… Even when it hurts…

These women aren’t writers and yet I’ve asked them to come up with bios for a blog page relating to The Mercy Retreat – They did it!

You should have seen the looks on their faces when I told them I was arranging for them to have head shots taken for The Mercy Retreat page on the blog – They did it!

When I’m overwhelmed they say things such as, “We are called to support you in your calling.”

I attach the word hero to these amazing women!

Over the last two years I have studied the Word of God with them. Each is wonderful, beautiful, and brave. They are a group of women who chase hard after the things of God, and I’m so thankful we get to walk through this next door together!

Who are the hero’s in your life?



PS: Check back tomorrow If you want to see these beautiful women and learn more about them! Just click on The Mercy Retreat/ Meet The Mercy Retreat Team at the top of my home page.


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