Most of you know I’m in Mexico this week. I’m on vacation with my husband and dear friends. Since arriving here, my biggest worry is wondering how long the consequences of all the nachos will have me wearing yoga pants until my jeans fit again. Truthfully, I don’t care all that much. I will eat now and cry later because vacation is about living for the moment, and yoga pants are much more comfortable than jeans anyway. Remind me of this philosophy when I’m living on lettuce for the next two weeks after returning home…

With all the nachos, guacamole, and regular coke made with real sugarcane, we’ve also received the gift of time. All day, every day we watch the ocean and talk about our dreams. (In between bites of nachos, of course.) God has planted some huge dreams in my heart, and I’m learning to live with a new excitement for all I know He is going to do.

For a very long time I lived afraid of confessing my dreams and cultivating my gifts for fear nothing would come of them. Let’s face it, it’s bad enough to fail and then have to look in the mirror at yourself let alone do it with an audience watching. However, I started thinking that if I keep my dreams secret, then I can’t truly pursue them. No one will ever read my blog if I don’t tell anyone I write it…  And, if I don’t ever tell anyone, then I won’t have people praying for me. God-given dreams are about faith. You need to take a step for the doors to open.

And what we see as failure usually isn’t failure at all. God does all kinds of amazing things behind the scenes. He is known for orchestrating the greatest plans of our lives right smack dab in the middle of what we see as failure. And in all honesty, if you choose not to try then you’ve already failed.

I know you might think it easy for me to have such a positive attitude as I stare at a clear blue sea all day long, but the reality is that just like most of you, I will be home doing laundry, cleaning floors, and taking care of precious children next week. And I will still be dreaming. Because dreams represent hope for all Christ is planning to work in our lives. And dreams force us to truly live. With thankful hearts we can embrace the joys of today while praying and looking ahead to what lies in the beauty of tomorrow. After all, the Father has designed it specifically for us.

So, live with faith today, pursue the God who planted your dreams, live with expectation and hope of all He will do through you.  Instead of living in fear of the unknown, hope in it!

Have a blessed day!



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