lucille ball blog quoteThis morning I took a silly quiz on Facebook. I was using my phone to scroll down my wall when I came across it. I rarely ever take these quizzes, and when I do I never share the results. I can’t remember the exact wording, but today’s quiz had something to do with determining what female heroine of the Bible one might be. My answer was Esther and in the description there was a line that said something about being misjudged from the outside.

There have been times in my life I’ve been labeled as unapproachable. Those aren’t exactly the words you want to hear as a women’s ministry leader. You see, I’m a bit of an introvert. To those who don’t know me, I’m shy and quiet on the outside. I can most definitely be awkward in social situations, but get me started talking about the Bible and I open up like a tulip in springtime.

I can sing in front of an entire church congregation and speak at events sharing the most intimate parts of my heart, but one-on-one I might disappoint you. Not because I’m different in real life verses how I write or speak at an event, but because I’m quiet and weigh every word I say.

Sometimes I wish I could be the extrovert who makes everyone laugh out loud, but God didn’t make me that girl so I can’t be her. I can only be me.

What about you? Do you ever wish to be someone you aren’t?

God is working on this area of my heart. He’s telling me I have a change coming concerning ministry. It’s deep and it’s real. And it’s happening because of the calling He placed on my life. It has everything to do with who He created me to be and not the person I sometimes wish I could be.

As a writer it’s very easy to become trapped in the circle of “I want to write just like her.” I’ve read blogs by authors who all of a sudden begin sounding like the women who go viral on a regular basis. They lose themselves while trying to emulate a model for success.

God created each of us as individuals with unique traits and callings. Many of us might have a talent to write, speak, and teach, but He gave us our own personalities and experiences to add a unique stamp on our gifts. When we point our hearts toward His truth and accept His call for our lives, He can work through us as individuals towards one common goal – bringing glory to Him.

I don’t need to sound like “her,” be as thin as “her,” or as beautiful as “her”. I need to be me in all areas. God needs me – the woman He created to serve the purpose he designed.

He somehow has a need to use the shy, clumsy girl, who fights 20 pounds and has a million more miles to go before becoming who she thinks she should be.

Just the other day I had a quick layover in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I was fighting with the stall door in the airport restroom. I could not get it to lock properly. I thought I had it. The key word in that last statement is thought… Let’s just say the door opened wide when my pants were still around my ankles. I, of course, was completely unaware. I looked up just in time to see two ladies watching me as if I was putting on a show. I immediately screamed, “Oh my goodness!” I jumped up and shut the door as fast as I could and thought, “I’m clearly having another Lucille Ball moment.”  Dear friends, I have oh so many of these moments in my life. Why?

Through every Lucy moment I experience, God made me. Sometimes, I have the feeling these moments in my life serve as His very own personal sitcom. However, He thinks my quirkiness is lovely. And no matter what you are fighting concerning self image and personality traits, He made you to be exactly who you are. You are just as lovely to Him.

In many ways, your flaws are His masterpiece. He works on your heart to make your life scream His truth, but in the middle of it all, He uses your unique abilities for His purposes. And, if you are anything like me, He will even use your unwilling comedic moments to use your life to help others and bring Him glory. (I’m not sure how my airport bathroom experience will help anyone, but maybe those women needed a laugh. It’s a mystery.)

He has a plan to work through you. So, be who you are. Don’t worry about wanting to be like anyone else.

You are loved by the Almighty.

You are stamped with unique qualities.

You are a gift to many.

Fulfill your ministry, friends!



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