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Image courtesy of “Free Digital”

Today, I’m beginning a 40 day prayer challenge. You have to understand, I pray often. I’m someone who has ongoing communication with God throughout the day. But recently I’ve been noticing my prayers are not always as specific as I would like them to be, and I haven’t been getting down on my knees before Him as often. There is something sacred about bowing to the Lord with knees bent in humility.

I want to take time to be faithful to Him in prayer because He is so faithful to me. I have some very specific needs and beautiful souls I would like to bring before the throne more regularly than I have been.

Along with my own personal prayers, I will be praying through and memorizing Psalm chapter 20. I have quite a history with Psalm 20. I’ve cried through it in desperate humility, I’ve yelled through it in frustration with questions of why, and I’ve recited it with joy and thanksgiving for answered prayers and deliverance. Psalm Chapter 20 offers hope!

For the next 40 days I will be realigning my prayer life. I am excited! Prayer creates intimacy, and the closer I draw to the Lord, the more peace I find in this life.

These 40 days  are meant to establish a habit of prayer on my knees, which I hope will last far beyond the 40 day commitment period. You, dear friends, are on my list! I will be seeking God for you!  I might not know your names, but the Lord does. If there is anything you would like me to pray for specifically, please feel free to leave a comment with your  request or email me personally. It is an honor to pray for you!

Have you considered a prayer challenge?



Oh, and just a reminder, there is only one week remaining to purchase tickets for the Mercy Retreat at a discounted rate. Tickets are available through Eventbee! I hope and pray you can attend this event. I know God has ordained a beautiful time of fellowship for us. I can’t wait to gather in His name!!!

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