"Picture Courtesy of freedigitalimages.com"

“Picture Courtesy of freedigitalimages.com”

Today is Five Minute Friday with Lisa-Jo Baker! If you haven’t heard, Lisa-Jo’s first book, Surprised by Motherhood, comes out next Tuesday!

Here is what I love about God: He shows Himself mighty in the stillness of a moment. He turns a normal conversation amongst girlfriends into something sacred. He surprises us with an awesome agenda when He decides to transform our dinner dates into divine appointments.

When we hear the word mighty we often think big, dramatic and spectacular. And, yet, when God meets a need it’s usually done in the heart-to-heart moments of quiet voices and quivering lips. He is so faithful.

I have found that God doesn’t come in a whirlwind and speak audibly to me. He usually shows me something in His word and then confirms it through the gentle hearted voice of a friend. His ocean of grace overwhelms me when He shows Himself strong in unexpected places.

This weekend, I pray you are blessed through the soft word of a friend. May you find that God works inside all situations great and small. I pray you recognize that He cares about every need you have. May your dinner dates turn into divine appointments, and may every need be met by our mighty God.



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