Bathroom remodel photoLately, I’ve been making a list of projects for us to tackle here at the house. We need to repaint, give the kitchen a little facelift, and change the carpet in the family room. Oh, and did I mention we are remodeling the master bathroom?  But that’s not all, the list goes on. You can just imagine how happy my husband is to have every weekend from here to eternity packed with a DIY to-do list. NOT!

In the midst of all this house planning and dreaming, I’ve been watching a lot of HGTV, scrolling through Pinterest, and following some great designers on Instagram for inspiration. As I look at different ideas I’ve been asking myself the question, “Would I feel at home in that room?” I want to create a space that is comfortable, inviting, and speaks to me. I figure that if I have to clean it, then I better love it.

Yesterday, as I was scrolling through pictures of family room designs another question popped in my head, “How often do I ask Jesus if my heart is a comfortable place for Him to reside?” I can’t help but wonder if I make an inviting space for Him…

It’s always my goal but let’s face it… I’m human. I sin. I fail.

I believe it is important to recognize that it’s not my sinning and failing with which He is uncomfortable. It is when I become comfortable with sin that the space of my heart becomes difficult for Him to live inside. He knows I’m going to sin and make mistakes. However, His desire is that I would repent and live my life growing closer to Him through those mistakes, not moving away from Him because of them. He NEVER wants me to be comfortable with wrong choices. Contentment within sin WILL impede my relationship with Him.

I recently had to deal with some disappointment. My first reaction, as my eyes blurred with tears, was that maybe I should give up. And then I felt the slight sting of conviction. God says, “When I say, Go, you go.” To make the wrong choice and not listen to Him would be sin and it would limit the work of His hands in my life.

This whole journey of life is meant to rid myself of me and crave more and more of who He is. So, onward and upward I will climb. I’m going where He wants, doing what He wants, and being mindful that my heart must remain a comfortable space for Him so that He can move in my life.

You can choose the same road. I believe He has an amazing plan for you. Do not allow yourself to become caught in a trap of disappointment. Go where He tells you. Knock down doors if you must. It is part of the process and YOU have a purpose!

Let’s say it together: More of Him, less of me. Amen and amen!



PS: I have some exciting news about The Mercy Retreat coming tomorrow!

My book, Nothing to Hold but Hope, will be released July 2nd!






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