The Mercy Retreat_fullSizeHi, Friends! I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Father’s Day weekend. I know there are many who have a difficult time on Father’s Day because they may have either lost their father, never knew him, or do not have the relationship with him they so desperately need. If you can relate to any of those circumstances, I want you to know you have a Father in heaven who pursues you with love, and provides healing from the pain you suffer.

“I will be a Father to you, and you shall be My sons and daughters, Says the Lord Almighty.”

-2 Corinthians 6:18

He will be a Father to you. It’s a promise!

He will never leave you nor forsake you.

He created you and longs to fellowship with you.

You are loved!

Chosen PosterIMG_0055In Friday’s blog post, I told you that I would have some new information for you regarding The Mercy Retreat. The weekend escaped me, and I wasn’t able to update you as soon as I would have liked. However, I do have some exciting news!

I’ve worked with the Antiochian Village to secure a Saturday Only Conference Pass for The Mercy Retreat. This pass is designed to allow those who do not have the flexibility to stay all weekend, a chance to attend for the day. (By the way, the picture above is of the worship band “Chosen.” They will be our guest worship team for the weekend!)

The Saturday conference pass includes:

  • Access to ALL Saturday sessions and keynotes
  • A swag bag filled with great gifts to enjoy
  • A sit down lunch and dinner with all The Mercy Retreat attendees

The cost for the Saturday Only Conference Day Pass is $75 dollars, and you can get yours right now by visiting Eventbee!

If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly at



PS: Look for my book trailer, which will be debuting this week! Nothing to Hold but Hope will be available for presale soon. More details will follow within the next few days.

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