wordsThis morning, while at an appointment, I heard a heartbreaking exchange of words between two coworkers. Words are weapons and used for the wrong purposes they can deeply wound.

We all have an arsenal of words that begin forming in the heart before they escape from the tongue. Will they be used to protect and defend, or will they be used to destroy? It’s a choice.

After that exchange of words this morning, one of the coworkers turned to me and said something nasty about the other. I didn’t say anything in return. My heart was heavy for both women involved.

We are a society that lives in the moment. We Instagram everything and without a second thought we allow our words to be read in the form of status updates for all of our “friends” to see. We’ve become desensitized to negativity and how it seeps into the soul. We are calloused not only to people’s pain, but also to their happiness. We act and react swiftly in real life as well as online. It’s a problem.

When someone shows pictures of their children, people complain they show too many. When someone else expresses their bad day, people criticize them for their depressing perspective. When one coworker makes a mistake the other deems them as incompetent and useless. Where is the balance? And when will we begin thinking about the hearts behind the words instead of focusing on the frustrations of our own quick-tempered thoughts?

The war of our words has been continually fought since the beginning of time. James, the half brother of Jesus, warns us all about the tongue. It’s the most difficult to tame and when it succeeds in doing damage, it is usually beyond repair. Once something is said it isn’t forgotten. Ever.

Today, I saw a women wounded because of someone else’s lack of patience. However, I know I’m not alone when I see impatience and insensitivity online almost every single day. It’s time to think before we speak. It’s time to encourage rather than discourage. It’s time to leave the judging to Jesus, and, instead, start trying to live the life He would have us live. I have to say, if we I did a better job at that, there would be far more women feeling encouraged than not.

Every one of us can make a much larger impact if we think before we speak, and praise before we punish. Even if it’s in the privacy of our own thoughts and hearts, we need to train ourselves to think from a positive perspective. It’s not too late to scrape away the layers of the callous and become soft to the hearts and lives of others.



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