Psalm 161For those of you who read this blog regularly, you’ve heard me speak of how my Bible serves as a journal of sorts. I write notes next to scriptures, especially when they come to life within present circumstances. I hope that someday my children, grandchildren, and maybe even great grandchildren will read of my faith in God and the Son He sent to save me.

On July 16th, when my wonderful stepfather went home, suddenly and unexpectedly, to heaven, I wrote some notes next to Psalm 16. Today, I decided to reread the Psalm. The first verse serves as the prayer of my life right now.

Preserve me, O God, for in You I put my trust.

~Psalm 16:1

I need preserved and protected. And the one peace I have right now is that because I trust in God, I know He will do just that. He will preserve me.

He will always remain faithful to His word. He will be bold in how He works in our lives. He will show Himself strong on all occasions. From the brightest morning to the darkest night He will be there. I trust that He will.

Through my grieving heart I hope to be able to encourage yours. So today, I hope and pray you will trust. Trust Him in everything, with everything. His mercy is new today. Let’s allow Him to preserve us by trusting that He will.

He will.

I know He will.



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