City building blog photoHi Friends. Today, I’m going to get my roots done. I know this seems like a strange announcement. And, who really cares about my hair? Except for my daughter who recently said, “Hey, mom, your hair is growing in black on top.”

Anyway, I’m telling you this because for the last three weeks, since our world turned upside down, I’ve not done much of what I normally do. I’m still taking care of the kids, my husband, and the house, but I do it through tears while my mind plays pictures of memories over and over. So, the other day, I decided that no matter what, it’s time to try recovering some normalcy. Tonight, I intend to paint the town. Actually, I think the saying is “paint the town red” but I don’t have that much energy, and hopefully, I can get done painting before I begin yawning right around 10:30pm… (I’m a wild one I tell ya!)

I told my husband that under no circumstances is he to let me cancel our plans at the last minute. (I know myself well.) We are going to look at some art and eat some fabulous food with wonderful friends. I’m going to try to smile for awhile. And all this commences with taking care of these roots!

So, here is to making plans to smile again. Here is to looking for joy when it’s not easily found, and here is to breathing in deep and saying to God, “Make me hear joy and gladness, that the bones you have broken may rejoice” (See Psalm 51:8)

What are you doing this weekend?

Whatever it is, I hope it is joy-filled!



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