Robin Williams 140811192127-02-robin-williams-restricted-c1-mainI should probably give a little disclaimer about this post: It isn’t the type of post I usually write. It’s not encouraging. It’s about working out the frustration I feel over the dark illness of depression and the insensitivity of society towards it. Sometimes, you just need to say what you need to say. Today is one of those days…

Many people have been speaking out about the death of Robin Williams. Whether through social media status updates or blogs, everyone everywhere has an opinion about his suicide. Some have criticized Mr. Williams for being selfish, while others reflect on the brilliant body of work he accomplished.

To be honest, I wasn’t planning to address this issue. It is such a tremendously sad subject, and I’ve been dealing with so much grief of my own, that speaking about this leaves me with a knot in my stomach.

However, I don’t want to ignore this anymore. I just can’t.

I have a very difficult time with people criticizing another soul and calling them selfish when they obviously have no idea what that kind of darkness feels like. Listen, I’m a Christian. A Bible- believing-Jesus-loving-type-woman who has a ministry encouraging other women and telling them they can do all things through Christ. ALL THINGS. And I believe that.

But pain from depression runs deep. So deep that no one except the one who is dealing with it can experience the darkness, and often, they themselves don’t understand why they feel the way they do, which leaves an even darker cloud of confusion.

I’m a bit outraged over all the criticism from people who think Robin Williams was a selfish man. It seems unbelievable that suddenly the world has become judges and therapists. People seem to feel 10 feet tall while held up by their soapboxes.

It astounds me how many people work to decipher gray areas and act as experts. Some would like to judge the place Robin Williams holds in eternity based on his suicide. However, I have some questions…

Who is to say what transformed in the heart of Mr. Williams in the seconds before His death? Who can tell if by some sacred mystery that this mysterious God I love so much didn’t turn it all around for good and call it a rescue mission instead of a tragedy?

Now I have an answer: No one. No one but God was there with him and No one but God can judge a man who was tortured by the horrible illness named depression.

Robin Williams was an extraordinary talent – A celebrity beloved by many. But more than that, and much more importantly, He was a human being. A soul created by the Giver of Life. And those who criticize him for suffering pain shows an extreme lack of love and a plethora of ignorance. No one but God can begin to understand that depth of pain.

To all of us who have ever entertained understanding the gray areas, regardless of the subject matter, and have picked up the judges gavel:

Let’s take some responsibility and stop sharing negativity. When it comes to the death of Robin Williams, let us concentrate on mourning the beautiful life which was lost. Let’s make it a priority to pray for his family as if they were ours. And above all, let us  learn to love well. We might  never know who is facing a similar depth of darkness that we cannot begin to comprehend.

To Mr. Williams:

Thank you for making people of all ages laugh. Your life and talent brought tremendous Joy. I’m sorry you suffered so much pain. You will be missed.




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